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Bright mood: 10 summer rainbow manicure ideas

Rainbow manicure is a new trend this summer. Besides, it is easy to make yourself at home. We offer several bright variations, choose that you like.
14 August 2022
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TOP-5 weird beauty products on AliExpress

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the beauty products from Chinese online store AliExpress. The reason is the huge range and ridiculous prices. But there are weird beauty products and devices. Let’s talk about them today.
13 August 2022
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What to wear on September 1st?

Which outfit to choose to look harmonious and at the same time comfortable on holiday?
13 August 2022
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Daytime and evening makeup: step-by-step techniques

How to do a good make-up for the office and for the party? GoBeauty has prepared a step-by-step guide for you.
13 August 2022
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How to tighten the skin after losing weight

Today we will talk about the ways to tighten the skin after a sharp weight loss.
13 August 2022
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Milky Nails: a new trend in a manicure that has taken over the world

From the name, it is already clear that such nail art is performed in milky colour, which is not to be confused with classic white. This colour has special softness, grace and tenderness.
13 August 2022
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Fashion terms we bet you don't know

The language of the fashion industry is rapidly evolving, so new terms and words appear. Shopping in stores sometimes causes misunderstanding. Culottes? Long sleeve? Bomber jacket? Let’s deal with it all below.
13 August 2022
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How to cover the dark circles under the eyes

Fatigue, stress, constant deadlines and sleepless nights are primarily reflected on the face, or rather, they appear in the form of dark circles under the eyes. It can be hidden in several ways: wear sunglasses, sleep, go on vacation or use cosmetics.
11 August 2022
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A manicure that will restore your nails: Japanese technology

Japanese eco-manicure is similar to an oriental tea ceremony: every step, detail and even smell is important here. The procedure is prolonged and takes 1-1.5 hours. Do you want to do such a manicure at home? We will tell you how!
11 August 2022
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Men's manicure: guys wear nail polish too

Why do men paint their nails, and how did they come to this? The GoBeauty Blog will tell about it today.
11 August 2022