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10 must-have items to take with you on vacation

The summer season is on fire, and so the vacation season too. GoBeauty collected must-have cosmetics that will help out in any situation during your voyage.

Matting napkins

Dermatologists advise using matting napkins even in winter, not to mention the 30-degree heat when the skin literally melts and releases a massive amount of sebum. To remove it, it is enough to gently wipe the problem areas with a napkin – the chin, nose and forehead.

Thermal water

The composition of high-quality thermal water includes copper, fluorine, iodine, bromine, sodium, manganese, sulfur, calcium, zinc, iron, silicon and other useful elements. Therefore, this product not only refreshes and tones the skin but also nourishes it with moisture and vitamins, gives elasticity and natural radiance, eliminates excess sebum.


Dry shampoo

It is better not to use hair foam and hair spray in the summer – they clog pores, which causes the skin of the head to sweat and become more contaminated. Dry shampoo, on the contrary, absorbs sebum, clears the roots and makes the hair alive.

Sheet moisturising mask

A great option when you need to quickly bring the skin in order. Therefore, in order not to carry a lot of creams with you, put one or two sheet moisturising masks in your cosmetic bag. They do not take up much space, and you can use them right on the plane or on the beach.

Natural oil

It can lubricate the cuticle and nails, scaly skin on the face and body, as well as feet, knees and elbows, whose skin first suffers from the sun and begins to crack. Also, the tips of the hair can be fed with oil, which can become brittle and split due to sudden changes in temperature, frequent flying and heat.

Antibacterial hand remedy

To protect yourself from trouble, use an antibacterial medication, firstly, after each visit to public places with a large crowd of people and, secondly, before each meal.

Lip Balm with SPF

Lipgloss and balm behave better during the heat than most lipsticks. And so that they not only moisturise lips but also protect them from ultraviolet radiation, look for an SPF mark on them. Also, note that the balms with sunscreen filter were natural oils, and there was no alcohol. Otherwise, the lips will dry even more. By the way, the advantage of such balms is also that, if necessary, you can also lubricate the skin.

Loose powder

The loose powder quickly smoothes the skin’s surface and removes excess shine, and also closes the pores from dust and allergens.

Thumbnails of favourite creams and lotions

Experiments with new products in the summer and on vacation is a dangerous thing. You never know what kind of reaction they can cause and how it will end. Therefore, it is better to buy travel-kits of your favourite brands or use sets of jars and bottles for travelling, pouring the necessary creams, lotions and other cosmetics into them.

Sunscreen cosmetics

It often happens that when we pack our things quickly, we leave the most necessary items on the shelf in the bathroom. As a result, we buy a new sunscreen spray at the airport or in the supermarket. And this is not always good. First, then we choose not so much quality as “just to be”. Secondly, we are not so intently reading out the composition. Thirdly, we do not know for sure whether it will fit our skin or not.

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