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10 rules for slimness and beauty, Photo 721

24 July 2022


10 rules for slimness and beauty

There are not so many “genetically” thin girls among us. To stay in shape, most women change their habits, and not just in food. What feats does the army of slender girls perform every day?

Three meals a day

Slim people do not use methods of extreme weight loss with starvation. Starvation is dangerous because the body turns on the energy-saving mode, and it is more difficult to lose weight. Slender people eat well, following the rules of a healthy diet.

Early dinner

We have repeatedly mentioned the “do not eat after 6 pm” rule with the caveat that everything depends on the personal routine of the day. If you go to bed sooner or later, this should be taken into account, subtracting 4 hours from the time you go to sleep.

Review the diet

Get used to delicious but healthy food: porridge, cheese, yoghurt or omelettes for breakfast, diet soups for lunch, baked fish or chicken with legumes or vegetables for dinner.

Bring food with you

Take only home-cooked food to work. Nuts, whole grain bars, dried fruits or yoghurts are suitable as snacks. Also, it is better to refrain from regular consumption of junk food, chocolates and chips.

Average food portions

When we eat much, our elastic stomach stretches. If abundant meals are frequent enough, then the stomach increases significantly, as a result, we need more food to feel full. Some people drink a lot of water at a time, trying to take up space in the stomach with fluid. Heavy drinking also stretches the stomach.

Conscious meals

Give up the habit of finishing the child meals. You should also not eat without feeling hungry. It will inevitably lead to weight gain.

The same type of diet

Let’s explain what we are talking about. You will be surprised by the results of one study. Nutritionists analyzed the fluctuations in the weight of people who ate spaghetti with cheese every day and those who ate the same dish once a week. So, the first gained less. It turns out that our body is saturated in different ways with the same food. If we eat usual foods, the feeling of hunger disappears faster than when eating new foods. Hence the conclusion: food should be balanced, but generally the same type. You do not need to eat new dishes for yourself every day.

Active hobby

Instead of spending free time on the couch, choose an active hobby. For example, cycling in spring and summer, skiing and skating in winter and so on. It will help you burn more calories and give pleasant emotions that always benefit the figure.

Focus on food

Even if you don’t have a minute of free time, set all your gadgets aside and find ten minutes for a snack and half an hour for a full meal. When watching TV and working on the computer, you do not concentrate on what you eat.

A good night’s sleep

The less you sleep, the more you eat. Scientists have proven that a chronically sleep-deprived person consumes 40% more calories than necessary. Always try to go to bed at the same time, always air the room before going to bed. Turn off a phone, tablet and computer thirty minutes before bed. The bright light of monitors stimulates the brain to work and prevents the production of the hormone melatonin, which is necessary for proper sleep. It is better to read a book or listen to relaxing music.

The main secret is regularity. Make these 10 rules your daily habits, and you will see how the body will start to change.