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100 years of beauty: how women’s hairstyles have changed

The history of fashion and style changes every decade. It applies not only to clothing, makeup but also hairstyles. Let’s see how hair fashion standards have changed over the last hundred years!

The 1920s

Elegant glamour

The twenties are hard to call an easy period. The harsh days of the First World War hardened women. Replacing the warring men in the workplace, they began to cut their long hair more often. At the same time, women became more independent and self-confident.

Irene Castle, the American dancer, caused a real furore. She appeared in public with a hairstyle that would later be called bob.

The 1930s

Romantic and dangerous

The 1930s made a significant contribution to fashion history. Female looks of those years are emphatically romantic, but not naive. They can rather be classified as fatal. The Great Depression in which America plunged required decisive action. Icons of style are not “sweethearts”, but determined and strong-willed women. They were Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo – remarkable women with a strong character.

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The 1940s

The era of feminism

The early 1940s were the time of World War II. It was a time of large-scale military action, occupation, shortages of food.

During the war, women wore short haircuts. It was due not only to the shortage of soap, shampoo and styling products. Difficult times required maximum concentration, and girls had no time to style the hair. Short haircuts with a side parting wore both men and women.

The 1950s

Roles are conquering the world

Of course, we are not talking about sushi. We mean romantic curls. Talking of the 50s, we immediately mention talented Marilyn Monroe. After the era of asceticism of war comes a time of luxury in a new way. Women no longer like short haircuts. It is reminiscent of hardship.

Soft, slightly volume curls – this is what the perfect hairstyle looked like. Combs and chignons became fashionable.

The 1960s

Fashion contradictions

In the world economy of the 60s crisis, and the world of cinema – a fairy tale, as always. World cinema stars such as Judy Garland are examples of elegance, self-confidence and glamour.

Hairstyles of the middle of the last century are conventionally divided into two categories – with combing and geometric haircuts. The latter took top places in hairdressing competitions, but until the 1970s remained in the background in everyday life.

The 1970s

Crazy nonconformism

Punk rock and reggae, Wattie Buchanan and Bob Marley, afro and dreadlocks: it all came to us in the seventies. The main thing was the anti-fashion as it was vital to be different.

The 1980s

Rage of shades

These were truly crazy times: tinted balms appeared on store shelves. That inspired women to experiment. Various hair accessories become relevant, for example, hairpins and headbands.

And the most popular hairstyle of the decade was Princess Diana’s haircut. The Duchess of Wales won the hearts of women in Europe and America with a short haircut instead of romantic curls.

The 1990s

The era of Rachel Green

After the release of “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston became the main object of imitation of most young ladies. The girl appeared with a graduated bob haircut. It demonstrated the ability to create notable volume. But the actress herself said that “it is the ugliest hairstyle she has ever worn”.

The 2000s

The triumphant return of bob hairstyle

With the easy nature of Victoria Beckham, the legendary haircut was reborn and received a new name – posh-bob in honour of Victoria’s nickname in Spice Girls.

One of the most trendy hairstyles of this time was a low bun. A relaxed hairstyle that is both rebellious and elegant at the same time.

The 2010s

The era of braids and buns

Low, high, tight, bulky, double, triple, sloppy, neat – a complete variety! We fully understand the love for the buns: after all, with them, you can go camping and on the red carpet. Braids can also be diverse!

The main trendsetter of the last decade was Rihanna: it is rumoured that she changes looks with the speed of tweets. In April 2012, the singer grew her hair below her shoulders, shaved temple and instantly created a new trend.

And we do not stop and continue to create history, and what hairstyles do you consider epoch-making?

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