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3 main secrets of glowing skin

The quality of your skin is one of the first things that people notice. We all live in such appearance-driven times, and that means that having a particular condition can be enough to severely damage self-confidence. Nobody should have to hide themselves away because of their skin, whether they have a condition or not.

There are several skincare secrets that are sat there right before you, easy to incorporate, and far less costly on the bank account!


The healthy bacteria which are geared towards gut health actually have a huge effect on the skin too. Remember, we also have bacteria dwelling on our skin, microscopic and impossible to see with the human eye. Some of these bacteria are bad, and some are good. We need enough good bacteria to keep the balance in check, and to stop conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema flaring up.

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By increasing the probiotic content in your nutrition, or by taking a specific probiotic supplement for women, you may be able to increase the health of your skin.

Plenty of water

A little well-known secret! Most people think that water is good for hydration for the entire body, but drinking plenty of water can give you that glowing canvas you’re looking for while flushing out toxins and dead skin cells which may be clogging up your skin as it is.

How much water is enough? That’s something which experts can’t actually agree on, but most go by the 8×8 rule. This means that you should be drinking 8 x 8oz glasses of water every day.

Ironically, drinking water can also help to eradicate other types of skin problems, or at least reduce the alongside other self-help methods, such as cellulite and stretch marks.


Exfoliation works by scrubbing away the dead skin cells which lay on the top surface of your skin. These sit there, clogging up the pores and creating a dull complexion. When you scrub away dead cells a, new cells have a chance to regenerate, giving you a fresher, younger-looking appearance instead.

Scrubbing isn’t something you should do with a heavy hand, and it’s a good idea to look for an exfoliating glove or an exfoliating brush which suits your skin. You should also use a circular motion, applying just enough pressure. By the end of your exfoliation routine, you should have a slightly red tinge to your skin, but certainly not raging and angry. If you have pain, or it looks too red, you’re scrubbing too hard.

Remember not to miss the moisturising step, but to also find a product which isn’t too heavy for your skin type. After exfoliation your pores are open, and this means your skin is more amenable to the product. Anything too heavy will clog up the pores once more and cause the same problem.

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