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4 types of skin ageing: and methods to combat them

Are you sure you are choosing the right skincare products? In addition to skin type and age characteristics (wrinkles, loss of elasticity), it is essential to know your type of ageing (morphotype), as each of them requires special care. How to preserve the youth of each of the morphotypes? It is what we are talking about today in our new article.


The face of this morphotype looks fresh and rested in the morning, and in the evening, when it shows signs of fatigue and age, it becomes sad and somewhat exhausted. The "tired face" type is considered to be the most favourable morphotype for ageing and responds well to any cosmetic care. The main signs of age-related changes are: decrease in turgor and elasticity of the skin, lowering of corners of eyes and lips, deterioration of skin quality, dull complexion, the appearance of the nasolacrimal furrow and nasal lip fold.

How to prolong youth?

Facial modelling (fillers based on hyaluronic acid), biorevitalization, mesotherapy, PRP therapy are advised. Also, massages and care and peels are effective rejuvenation techniques for this morphotype. Also, you can try hardware cosmetology, for example, vacuum cleaning of HydraFacial face, infrared thermal lifting, laser grinding.


Another name of this type is "baked apple". So, as a rule, women who have subcutaneous fat tend to age. The main features are dry skin, early small facial wrinkles (especially in the forehead and eyes), cluster wrinkles (vertical wrinkles around the lips), and lack of volume. The face of such women then really begins to resemble a baked apple.

How to prolong youth?

Women with fine-wrinkled morphotypes are assisted by botulotoxin. As a rule, these are small dry faces without subcutaneous fat. They do not have fat packages that can fall or move, so they do not have any severe failures. Still, very useful biorevitalization, quite a bit of pin-up certain places and wrinkles become less noticeable.


This type of skin ageing is characterized by the predominance of swelling of the facial tissues, expressed by laxity, especially in the lower third of the face. At the same time, wrinkles and pigmentation disorders are not characteristic of this morphotype, because the skin is rather dense, shiny, sometimes porous. Some women may have a pronounced redness of the cheeks due to persistently enlarged small vessels (cuprous). This type of ageing is usually manifested in women of the dense constitution, prone to fullness. Excessive subcutaneous fat on the face leads to a pronounced deformation of its contours, with the formation of a second chin, "visors", folds around the neck, bags under the eyes and overhang of the upper eyelids.

How to prolong youth?

Care products should aim to stimulate collagen synthesis, restore elasticity and tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and speed up the process of cellular renewal of the skin. Methods of three-dimensional modelling, contour plastic, filament lifting, hardware cosmetology are also useful.


With this type of ageing, mimic muscles are well developed, and there is little subcutaneous fat. The "muscular" face gets old rather slowly: small wrinkles are practically absent, the skin remains elastic for a long time, and a clear oval of the face remains until old age.

Among the most remarkable features are the lowered corners of the lips, sagging eyelids, pronounced nasolabial folds. Besides, with age, the facial features become rougher. The morphotype of the face does not change for a long time, and then the skin becomes parchment.

How to prolong youth?

With muscular skin ageing, effective hardware procedures are microcurrent drainage, RF lifting. After this procedure, observe the effect: if after two months you notice an improvement, continue, if nothing changes – try another.

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