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5 beauty secrets every woman should know

To look like a Hollywood star can almost any woman by knowing some important beauty tricks and secrets. In this article, we collected the main beauty tips that will help you look daily well-groomed and not spend the whole morning in the mirror.

Thorough cleansing of the skin

Healthy and clean skin is a guarantee of beauty. Japanese and French women are very responsible for the procedure for cleansing the facial skin from makeup and never will go to sleep without washing off cosmetics. Remains of foundation and decorative cosmetics clog pores, which leads to inflammation and the appearance of rashes. Experts recommend using a deep cleansing shampoo for washing hair once a week, which will help to get rid of styling remains, dust and sebum.

Total moistening

Dull and lifeless skin with wrinkles is a sign of dehydration and lack of nutrients. Therefore it is important to hydrate the dermis both from the outside and from the inside. The human body and skin suffer from a lack of moisture not only in the summer. Experts recommend, regardless of the season, to drink up to 1.5-2 litres of warm and still water. To moisturize and restore the water balance of the skin, it is important to use special moisturizing creams for your face, hands and body. It will be suitable to use rich in hyaluronic acid cosmetics, as well as various masks and lotions with natural aroma oils.

Minimum of decorative cosmetics and styling products

A woman will look more young and attractive if it will be only lip gloss and blush on her face. Daily natural makeup should emphasize natural beauty and place accents correctly. The natural beauty of hair is healthy and shiny strands. Therefore, for example, French women responsibly choose hairdressers and suitable haircuts for their face form. An ideal hairstyle without styling looks fashionable and stylish, the main thing at the same time is clean hair.

Fresh manicure

A woman with chipped nails looks untidy. Therefore, it is better to choose gel-polish, persistent polish or have it with you, so that you can tint your nails at any time. If there is no time for visiting a nail artist, it is better to use a colourless or nude gloss polish.

Perfect perfume

Correctly selected perfume allows you to feel special even without makeup or with a bundle on your head in any situation. The delicate and charming perfume will emphasize your personality and give you some confidence.

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