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5 habits that age your skin

You can have a lot of moisturizing serums, nourishing oils and creams with vitamin C on your cosmetic table, and packs of hydrogel eye patches in the refrigerator. Even if you do not neglect SPF protection, and all your beauty products will be beyond praise, in the presence of bad habits for the skin can start the ageing process in its cells. To prevent this, get rid of them right now.

Habit №1: Excessive use of digital gadgets

There is a huge amount of dust, dirt, tonal residue and sweat on the surface of your smartphone that accumulates during the day. Now, remember how many times you put it to your ear to call mom or a friend?

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Even if you do not forget to wipe the screen every day with special antibacterial products for gadgets, there is still something. Dermatologists claim that the blue light emitted by electronic gadgets is no less dangerous for the skin than ultraviolet radiation.

Habit №2: Sleep with the face on a pillow

Everything on the planet is subject to the force of gravity, the human itself and every cell of the body. When you sleep on your face, gravity does not work in your favour. It provokes swelling and puffiness under the eyes. Also, the skin will begin to lose elasticity. In addition to the swelling, wrinkles will begin to form. Therefore, you should sleep on your back. It is good not only for facial beauty but also for back health.

Habit №3: To endure thirst

It would seem that nothing terrible will happen if you drink water later. But you can not underestimate the importance of water. It is part of all cells and tissues in the body, and dehydration causes loss of skin elasticity. Constant lack of fluid leads to the formation of wrinkles, and skin loses its natural turgor.

Habit №4: Passion for peels

Peels are a wonderful thing. Enzymatic, with AHA-, BHA- and PHA-acids, they can gently but effectively remove excess sebum, makeup residue and keratin cells of the skin surface. However, most girls begin to use peels too often, and sometimes even daily. It is dangerous! Regular removal of the upper skin layer thins its hydrolipid mantle and makes it more vulnerable to environmental aggression.

Habit №5: Spending most of the day in a sitting position

Much has been said about the harm of a sedentary lifestyle, as evidenced by numerous studies. Regular exercise helps prevent negative consequences. Thus, one study showed that at least 150 minutes of exercise a week prolong life by 10-13 years.

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