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5 main mistakes when applying concealer, Photo 767

03 July 2022


5 main mistakes when applying concealer

Concealer is a great opportunity to cover up your shortcomings and lack of sleep in the work of the next project. However, very often women use concealer not quite correctly.

Concealer is a magic wand that helps to hide pigmentation and redness of the skin, smooth out wrinkles and enlarged pores, smooth the surface of the face and toned small vascular stars.

What is the difference between concealer and corrector?

Very often the concealer is confused with the corrector, considering that this is the same cosmetic product. But this is not the case.

The concealer has a light texture that allows it to “come together” with another tonal tool. In addition, in contrast to the corrector, concealer can be applied to the T-zone. Also, concealer has not only shades under our skin, but also special colours. So, there are green, yellow and even purple concealers: each of them is a way to solve its problem. One hides redness, other bruises, and third acne.

However, even the highest quality concealer will be useless if applied incorrectly.

Without moisture

If you apply concealer to the area around the eyes without moisturizer, everything will be in vain. Apply a moisturizer under the eyes both in the morning and evening. Otherwise, concealer will lay down unevenly and peel off.

Apply it first

The most popular mistake of many girls is to put the cream concealer very first. First, we need to smooth out the skin, and then apply concealer. This means that we first apply the foundation, and only then the concealer.

And some makeup artists apply it at the very last moment.

Concealer like tonal base

It is a very bad idea to apply concealer instead of a tonal base. It will look very tight and will create a dense mask on the face. You can forget about beautiful makeup.


“Bake” is when you apply powder with a wet sponge on an already applied concealer and foundation. This technique dehydrates the skin of the face, which means it ages faster.

Wrong сoncealer shade

It is rather difficult to choose a concealer according to your skin tone. But there is one trick.

Look at your skin and determine its main subtone: peach, orange, pink or olive. When you have already defined it, you can safely choose concealer in its tonality. It can be a couple of tones lighter, it will be only better.