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5 perfect retro movies about love for your fall weekend

A cool autumn evening is a great time to watch the classics of world cinema. Especially the one about love. So today we’ve picked up the TOP-5 movies you most likely have already watched but will be happy to turn on again.

Gone with the wind, 1939

If you were to choose the most passionate film in cinema history, it would definitely be a “Gone with the wind” drama. Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable – who else kissed in the movies as they did? In 1940, Victor Fleming’s film won eight Academy Awards – no movie has ever broken that record for twenty years.

Titanic, 1997

Compared to “Gone with the wind”, “Titanic” is not about the retro movie, and to do without it would be blasphemy. Leonardo DiCaprio was 23 years old at the time of the shoot, and the tape brought the actor the worldwide fame and status of the sex symbol he still has today. Even though Titanic is a movie about a shipwreck, the love story of a poor guy and a rich married woman is still there in the foreground.

The Great Gatsby, 2013

Another cult movie starring DiCaprio. This is a sad story about the love and customs of the first half of the twentieth century. Nick, a young boy who just graduated from Yale, is moving to New York in search of the American dream. There he meets the extravagant millionaire Gatsby and dives into the world of crazy money, illusions and lies. In this spectacular and very beautiful film is a portrait of an era of Western culture of the twentieth century, the discovery of the American dream, the crisis of morality and carefree hedonism.

Some like it hot, 1959

The musical comedy is considered to be a classic of world cinema. It was shot by the legendary Billy Wilder, played by the unsurpassed Merlin Monroe.

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The musicians Joe and Jerry are out of luck: they are witnessing a mafia showdown. In order not to become the next victim of gangsters, they go to Florida, dressing like women and engaging in a female jazz band. Now their names are Daphne and Josephine. But very soon, their beautiful plan breaks down: Josephine falls in love with a jazz band soloist, an ageing millionaire puzzles at Daphne, and the mafioso turns out to be not so stupid and begins to realize that Daphne and Josephine are the same witnesses of the shootout to be removed. Even if you have seen this movie, we recommend that you dive into its pleasant atmosphere again.

Scenes from a Marriage, 1973

Marianne and Johan are a strong married couple who have two daughters. After dinner with friends who are on the verge of divorce, they are once again pleased with how well they are doing. One of Ingmar Bergman’s best films reveals a common theme of his work – the crisis of the traditional family. The lead roles were performed by Liv Ullman and Erland Juzefson. They hold the whole picture, the appearance of other characters is episodic and fleeting. With great plans and long dialogues, Bergman tells a story close to many couples. A happy coexistence gradually ceases to be so for one, with blissful ignorance of the other. A third part appears, the couple divorces, but over time, the couple realizes that they are very close to each other.

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