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5 stylish hairstyles for curly hair: step-by-step guidance

Rings, waves or just curls – they are unusual, bright and almost always very naughty. What hairstyle is quick and easy? We have prepared 5 cool options for curly hair that you will like.

Romantic softness

Separate a small lock of hair near the face, lifting behind the ear and fix with a hairpin. Release the back curl and cover the tips with hairpins. Do the same on the other side. Do not forget to leave a couple of locks near the face, it will make the hairstyle gentle and relaxed. Pull the hair out under the hairpins a little to keep the natural volume of the curls.

Greek sophistication

For this hairstyle, we also separate a small curl of hair near the face. Divide it into two equal parts and twist. So that the twist was not too tight, pull out the hair moving all length a little. Wrap it around the head and hide the tips with hairpins. Make the same twist on the other side, remove the hair and wrap it around the head. Hide the tips under the first twist and secure with hairpins.

Delicate headband

For this hairstyle, remove the hair from the face and back and fix with a banana clip hair. Take a curl from behind the ear and make a braid. Make sure it is not too tight and pull out the hair if necessary. Secure the tips with a small hairband and make the same braid on the other side. You can make braids as thin or thick as you like. It all depends on you. Then, put the braids on the head in the form of a headband. Fix the tips with hairpins. Removes the banana hair clip and straighten the hair from behind.

Hidden tail

For the next hairstyle, separate 2 locks near the face and secure them behind with a hairband. Then twist the resulting tail inward twice. Wrap a small curl around the base to hide the hairband.

Playful horns

For the last hairstyle, separate the locks near the ear and put in a high bun, fixing with hairpins. Try not to make the bundle too tight so that it looks a little sloppy. Do the same on the other side. You should have playful horns.

As you can see, the options for quick and easy hairstyles for curly hair are many. You can create new hairstyles at least every day. Styling will not take much time!

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