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6 effective ways to refresh your face, Photo 662

20 July 2022


6 effective ways to refresh your face

For those who feel tired due to continuous work, study or household duties, we have found 6 ways to refresh your face in 20 minutes. These life hacks will help to make the skin beautiful and young.

Wash with saltwater

To do this, dissolve in 100 ml. water half a tablespoon of salt, wash your face and let it dry.

It is better to use sea salt, which includes many additional minerals.

First of all, the recipe will be useful for girls with dry skin. But at the first application on the skin, you need to be careful.

Grapefruit ice

Prepare it in advance. Squeeze the juice, transfer the peel to an enamel saucepan and, filling it with 150 ml of water, cook it for half an hour on low heat. Then combine the drained and cooled liquid with the previously squeezed juice. Pour it into moulds and send for freezing. As soon as you need to refresh your skin, wipe the ice cube moving in the direction of the massage lines for no more than one or two minutes.

Rose face spray

Place rose petals on the bottom of a small saucepan and fill with water to prepare this incomparable refreshing substitute. Then “boil” the petals on low heat until they lose colour. After cooling the product, pour it into a spray bottle and refresh your face if necessary.

Toning facial mask

It is quite an expensive and seasonal way to refresh the face. Mash the flesh of one ripe persimmon with a fork and mix with one tablespoon of flour to the consistency of thick pulp. Apply the mixture on the face, neck and décolleté. Rinse with warm water for 10 minutes.

Eye patches

First of all, edemas and bruises under eyes show you tired. Eye patches (especially, slightly cooled) will help minimize swelling and will work as a powerful sip of moisture for the skin. Thanks to the moisturizing components, small wrinkles will smooth, the skin will wake up and start breathing.

The advantage of patches over conventional eye creams is that it acts faster (the result is visible immediately). Its composition penetrates deeper into the skin, plus there is no problem of “overdose”. Also, it works not only to moisturize but also tighten and smooth the skin.

Tea eyewash

It is a classic remedy for swelling of the eyelids. Make strong green tea, soak cotton pads in the tea and apply to the eyes. Leave eyewash for 10-15 minutes, then remove and rinse.

You can use tips on how to refresh a tired face no more than two times a month. Otherwise, they will not help. Try to prefer a daily routine and rest.