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7 principles of intuitive eating for healthy weight loss

Different diets have become so fashionable and common. They can produce an effect, sometimes even very fast, but whether they will benefit the health of the body is a moot point. Recently, Stephen Hawkes system of intuitive eating is of great interest. In our new article, you will find details of his method.

Advantages and disadvantages of intuitive eating

The bonuses of the system are as follows: the desire to go into bulimia completely disappears due to “extra” meals, you no longer fight with food. Besides, the skin becomes healthier, and the connection between the brain and the body is finally restored.

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But there are downsides. To learn to eat intuitively, you will need time and close attention to your feelings. It just seems that everything is simple. It may take several months. But the result is worth it.

Principles of intuitive eating

Say NO to diets

Just admit that they are useless, and all the books written about diets are just the thoughts of people who have often never tried any of them. Don’t think that there is another wonderful diet somewhere in the world that you have never heard of. Forget the word diet and do not support talking about it. Never, otherwise, you will not be able to start intuitive eating.

Control of satiety

It is difficult but amenable to implementation. It is necessary to determine when satiety replaces hunger. Understand how you feel when you are full. To do this, pause while eating. And although the first time on an intuitive diet lunch will take not 5 but all 15 minutes, soon the body will repay in full. In a good way.


Changing attitudes towards food

Food causes only positive emotions and satisfies biological needs. But it cannot act as an incentive. The planet does not revolve around food and life is full of other pleasures. It is enough to count the hours before dinner. You can reduce stress in different ways. And overeating is not among them.

Food with you

Hunger can catch you anywhere and it is not always convenient to look for the nearest cafe or grocery store. To feed yourself at any time, you need to have a small selection of food – 3-4 items. Get yourself containers and bring food with you every day that will satisfy your hunger when it comes. Don’t rely on cafes, canteens or friends – any of these options may not work. It is better to carry food with you.

Sport is for fun

Many find this point difficult. You do not need to go to the gym every day. It is XXI century: a monotonous lifting of iron came up with a bunch of alternatives. You can walk more.

Overcome barriers

Setting up an intuitive diet is seldom without difficulty. Everyone has their way, but if you encounter any difficulties along the way – be sure someone has already experienced this and can share skills. Observe how your diet changes, keep track of difficult moments and correct them. The main principle is to hear yourself and your body.

Positive attitude to the body

It is impossible to win a war with your body. Make a truce! Do an inventory of clothes in the closet. Get rid of all the clothes you don’t need. You should not lose weight to wear that dress. It should be sewn to fit you. Hang a full-length mirror in a convenient place and regularly examine yourself, noting those parts of the body that you particularly like. And learning to describe without criticism those that cause anxiety. Learn to accept your body as it is and feel grateful and respected. Based on these principles, you can completely restructure your diet from restrictive and compulsive to a harmonious, satisfying and comfortable.

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