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A drink that helps to lose weight even during sleep: milk oolong

Chinese tea has always been famous for its healing properties. It is still used in alternative medicine not only for the treatment of specific diseases but also for general rejuvenating and health effects on the body. And by regularly consuming Chinese oolong tea, you can bring your body in perfect harmony.

What is oolong

China produces many varieties of tea: from white and green to red and turquoise. Milk oolong tea for weight loss is considered the most popular and effective. What is this product?

It occupies an intermediate place between black and green tea, as the technology is close to both. Oolong tea, or turquoise tea, is semi-fermented. The degree of fermentation can reach 60-90%: for this reason in China, you can find milk oolong with very different tastes and aromas.

Oolong is produced in many factories, but its best varieties are in Fujian Province.

There are varieties with a multifaceted aftertaste. The diversity is due to the peculiarities of production, which involves the following stages:

  • collection of the mature leaves;
  • pre-drying and wilting;
  • twisting to extract the juice;
  • oxidation at a certain level of humidity and temperature;
  • drying, packing.

There are special time frames for each type of oolong tea. It applies especially to the time of crumpling and oxidation. In appearance, oolong tea can be different shades: from turquoise or dark green to brown.

Oolong for weight loss

The compound of a special biologically active substance – polyphenols effectively breaks down fat and removes it from the body. So, this type of tea is great for weight loss. For overweight people, regular use will help to improve the figure.

Oriental scientists have long proven that Chinese tea for weight loss is much more effective than regular green tea. It helps to regulate metabolic processes in the human body. Just a couple of cups a day speed up metabolism and block the absorption of fat.

The significant property of milk oolong tea is low caffeine amount. Therefore, regular use of oolong for weight loss by obese people allows you to normalize metabolic processes in the body. And it helps to burn extra calories.

Tea preparation

To get the most out of using this product for weight loss, you need to learn how to properly brew this tea drink. Its preparation is quite a complex process that requires concentration. Brewing recommendations must be followed.

  1. For tea leaves to give off all their taste, aroma and nutrients, it is necessary to boil water and cool it to 90 degrees, as the temperature is ideal for brewing oolong.
  2. The teapot should be heated by holding it over a candle or pouring boiling water over it a couple of times. When heating the kettle, make sure that it is evenly hot on all sides. If the kettle is heated with boiling water, it must be wiped dry before filling the tea leaves.
  3. At the last stage, a teaspoon of tea leaves is poured into the kettle, filled with water and infused for five minutes, after which the tea is poured into cups.
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