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A manicure that drives men crazy, Photo 129

09 February 2022


A manicure that drives men crazy

We do makeup, get dressed and do manicures and pedicures. Some will insist that girls do this for themselves and their confidence. But something tells us that all this beauty routine is very much aimed at representatives of strong sex. What kind of manicure do men like? This will be discussed in our new article.


The guys just adore naturalness in everything, it also applies to a manicure. A classic, unnoticed manicure that pleases men will fit any look and outfit. Also, the nude manicure is very comfortable, because it is practically not visible when the nails grow back. You can also decorate it with a floral pattern or glitter, the main thing is not to overdo it.

French manicure

French manicure is pleasing to men because of its conciseness and femininity. Neat, invisible, well-groomed nails are the best thing you can think of. Besides, today, French manicure began to dilute with interesting drawings that make it more impactful. French never goes out of style, the classics do not age.

Lovely red

Another classic of nail art is recognized by both men and women. For many, it is synonymous with taste. Universal and most common is red – it combines with all the basic shades. First, it looks very feminine and elegant, second, stylish. Well, men are ready to kiss hands, which is decorated with passionate red.

Valour or matte finish

If you want to seduce a man, a cosy plush manicure will be very appropriate. It looks gentle, attractive, not annoying. But the massive decor and bright colours are better to give up, they will overload the design, man will not appreciate it.

Length matters

As for the perfect length of nails, all men agree that there is nothing better than naturalness. The ideal option is the average length at which the nails are a couple of millimetres beyond the pads.

The nails may have an almond and oval shape. Among the men, there were many fans of square shapes. But virtually all are negatively opposed to acute forms – such nails men are just afraid of.

And what drives guys away?

As it turned out, shades like gothic, black, brown, smoky-grey men perceive as dirt on the nails. They are also irritated by the neon colours they consider teenage. Men do not appreciate the trendy nail designs we so love to try. Even innocent flowers on the nails can be annoying if they are not made in nude shades.

P.S: Despite all the recommendations and wishes of men, we have the right to decide for ourselves what kind of manicure to choose. You can coordinate with your beloved one, but not necessarily.