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A manicure that will restore your nails: Japanese technology, Photo 921

11 August 2022


A manicure that will restore your nails: Japanese technology

Now every young woman covers her nails with gel varnish. And many girls do not think that under a thick layer of coating nail plates gradually deteriorate. At least once every six months, experts advise doing a Japanese manicure. This is a set of procedures that allows you to restore and strengthen nails. But you have to be patient.

Japanese eco-manicure is similar to an oriental tea ceremony: every step, detail and even smell is important here. The procedure is prolonged and takes 1-1.5 hours. Do you want to do such a manicure at home? We will tell you how!

Features of the procedure

The main distinguishing feature or even the pride of Japanese manicure is the use of exclusively ecological and natural materials and compositions in the work. The method is based on a system of individual diagnosis, after which the nail artist selects a personal approach that allows for solving problems of nails and skin. Japanese manicure strengthens and smoothes the nail plate and smoothes the skin, making it soft and velvety. The procedure must be performed using special complexes, which include mineral pastes and powders with unique serums.

What tools are used for Japanese manicure

There are special kits for a Japanese manicure. All remedies and tools for it consist exclusively of natural materials. The cuticle is removed with orange sticks, the shape is given with balsa wood files, and the plates are polished with calfskin buffs.

Unlike the classic manicure, metal tools are not used, as it is believed that they damage the nails.

How to make a Japanese manicure

  1. Diagnosis of hands and nails. It is important to inspect and assess their condition –  whether there are chips, microcracks, or scratches.
  2. Cuticle treatment. Choose a unique mineral whey mixture, jojoba oil or scrub with algae. Choose what you like best. 
  3. Moisturize the skin with natural serum. Apply a special mixture to strengthen skin tissues.
  4. Re-strengthen with a mineral composition in the form of a paste. It contains a crumb of pearls and calcium for a strong structure.
  5. Apply a special powder with silicon. This is necessary to protect against mechanical damage. Due to silicon manicure can last for 20 days.
  6. Start polishing each nail with a shuttle saw made of a special genuine calfskin.
  7. Massage your fingers and palms with bags of hot cleaned sand, essential oils, herbs or flowers. If desired, you can, on the contrary, cool the contents of the bags. Everything is individual in this technique. Some like to apply alternately – first hot bags, then cold. This improves local blood circulation.
  8. Apply the treatment mixture to the skin of the palms and fingers.

The positive effect of Japanese manicure

This manicure promotes rapid nail growth because all the components actively nourish the lunar area, producing keratin in the nails. The result is long-lasting: it lasts from two to three weeks. Moreover, it is noticeable immediately after the procedure. Natural materials do not provoke allergies, which is also very nice. Are there any disadvantages? There are no disadvantages, except for the high cost. But all the pros outweigh the small drawback.