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A morning without coffee: 15 minutes complex of morning exercises, Photo 491

07 July 2022


A morning without coffee: 15 minutes complex of morning exercises

Have you ever noticed people in a bad mood around in the morning? Often, the cause of morning irritability is hypokinesia – a lack of movement, because the brain receives an insufficient number of impulses from muscles. Over time, the situation is only complicated: a person does not feel comfortable after a night’s rest, wakes up in a bad mood. The most effective solution is the morning exercises. Why it is so useful, how to form a habit of doing morning exercises and examples of exercises – all this you will find in our new article.

Health effect of the morning exercises

Daily simple exercises help:

  • strengthen the heart muscle and respiratory system (prevention of heart attack);

  • improve the permeability and general condition of the blood vessels (stroke prevention);

  • increase the mobility of joints (diseases of the musculoskeletal system prevention);

  • make the muscles more elastic, lift their tone (level the posture);

  • accelerates intracellular metabolism;

  • the work of the brain is activated, which has a positive effect on mental activity;

  • stamina increases;

  • the vestibular apparatus is trained, coordination of movements is improved.

Exercise correctly!

When exercising in the morning, follow the basic rules:

  • exercise before breakfast;
  • the biggest part of exercises should consist of warm-up and stretching (and not strength exercises);
  • the duration of training is not as important as regularity;
  • secure the effect with a contrast shower and a healthy breakfast.

The effective morning exercise program

  1. Preparation. Without getting up of the bed, stretch yourself well so that all the muscles and ties are stretched out. After this, twist (turn the upper part in one direction and the lower one in the other direction) on both sides.
  2. Cardio load. It is enough to have 5 minutes of cardio training – jumping on a rope, running on the spot. The main thing – to do everything fast, fun and dynamic.
  3. Exercises for arms, chest and back. Sit on a chair, push across to the back of the chair (for even posture). Lift your arms with dumbbells evenly over your head, bend them one by one. It is important not to lower the elbows down, but the hand with the shoulder should form a right angle. Then get up and lean forward on 45 degrees. Straight hands with dumbbells roll apart and lift as high as possible. Repeat 15-20 times.
  4. Complex for the abdomen muscles. Lie on the floor, bend your knees (angle 45 degrees) and lift the torso. Do not strain your neck, lift your chin up to the ceiling. Then while lying on the floor stretch your arms along the body and raise slightly curved legs. Repeat as many times as you can.
  5. Exercises for the legs and buttocks. Carry out deep, smooth squats – the back is even, legs are widely lined up. Step forward and take dumbbells into your hands. Squat, bending the front leg to the right angle. It is better to squat at least 15 times for each leg.

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Trying to instil a useful habit, be prepared, that over time, the motivation will fade, but it’s important to keep charging for at least 21 days in spite of everything. Then you will develop a habit and you will do exercises easily. In a few months, you will no longer notice as you wake up to exercise.

Good luck and be healthy!