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Aftershave irritation: how to avoid and how to get rid of it, Photo 607

17 July 2022


Aftershave irritation: how to avoid and how to get rid of it

Aftershave irritation is a massive problem for most women. It is not only unaesthetic but also quite painful. Ingrown hairs can become inflamed, itchy, or sore. But do not rush to put aside the razor, you may cope with irritation.

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How to prevent irritation after shaving

Shave in the right direction

If you shave chaotically and in different directions, you increase the likelihood of acne, irritation and ingrown hair.

Use the best razors

The blades on the razor need to be changed regularly after 5-7 applications. Wipe them with alcohol after use. And remember – disposable razor exists only for emergency cases, for example, travel, but not for everyday use.

Peel regularly

Getting rid of dead cells on the surface before shaving can help you avoid hair getting under your skin.

Moisturise the skin

Try using a moisturiser with salicylic or glycolic acid to gently peel the skin.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the result is still disappointing. Irritation is more common in darker skin types, on tender and sensitive skin, as well as in people with thick, coarse and curly hair.

How to get rid of irritation after shaving?


Moisturising is an essential treatment and prevention of irritation. It is better to prefer a product with aloe vera or shea oil because it will soften the skin perfectly.

Apply a cold compress

After shaving, moisten a soft towel with cold water and apply to the treated area of skin. It will calm it, reduce redness and pain.


Do not get rid of ingrown hairs with tweezers. This can cause an infection and will lead to even more significant problems and pain. Only a scrub helps in the fight against ingrown hairs.