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Another puzzle: what type of shampoo to choose, Photo 1382

10 November 2022


Another puzzle: what type of shampoo to choose

Models and celebrities always have shiny and silky hair. And it’s not about the daily help of stylists, but about the right choice of shampoo. Here are instructions on how to find a shampoo to look like a star.

Determine your hair type

Shampoos for different hair types contain different amounts of active ingredients. So, if you have oily hair, and you use a shampoo for dry type, its moisturizing components will make a lush hairstyle look like sticky icicles. Therefore, before buying shampoo, it is important to determine the type of hair.

Normal hair shimmering in the sun and has no split ends, easy to comb and style. Older children can boast of such hair, but in adults it is rare.

Dry hair is dull, cut at the ends, tangled. Usually, hair becomes dry due to improper care and frequent styling. It is important not to confuse dry hair with a dry scalp.

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Oily hair has oily shine, curls stick together. Hair is oily due to the active work of the sebaceous glands, as a result of poor nutrition or internal problems.

Mixed hair type. It mainly includes oily hair at the roots and dry tips.

Dyed hair. It can be of any type. The main task of shampoo for coloured hair is to keep the colour as long as possible and prevent dryness.

Choose the right one

Shampoos with only detergents are suitable for normal hair. No oils or clays – the shampoo is used as a cleanser.

It is better to choose moisturizing shampoos for dry hair type. Dry hair with dandruff is a common problem. In this case, buy pharmacy shampoos and consult a trichologist.

Bottles marked “For frequent washing” or “Daily” will not be suitable for owners of oily hair. Such products strongly dry a scalp and force sebaceous glands to work with double force. Oily hair cleansing should be gentle.

Use special shampoos for dyed curls, as they already have a more concentrated nourishing and moisturizing composition and do not wash out the colour.

For dandruff hair, you need a shampoo with healing ingredients or an antiseborrheic product.

Types of shampoos: which one is suitable

The liquid is a classic version of shampoo. It is easy to apply, foam and wash off. Suitable for everyone, if you choose the right shampoo for hair type.

The solid one is the soap for hair in the form of a bar. Applied to the wet hair until foaming. More suitable for owners of oily, normal and mixed hair.

Dry shampoos are absorbent sprays or powders. Their main task is to get rid of excess sebum, thereby “refreshing” the hair without washing it. Applied to the roots and distributed with a comb/brush. Most suitable for oily and mixed hair. It helps to avoid frequent washing and quickly get your hair in order.