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Autumn superfoods for health and beauty, Photo 1179

07 September 2022


Autumn superfoods for health and beauty

Autumn has already come into its rights and body, as never before, needs to be nourished in the form of vitamins and trace elements, which should prepare our organism for the cold. Read about what to eat this fall in our new article.


It has always been actively used in the cold season as a vitamin-rich alternative to teas. It is in the lead in vitamin C content, so it is recommended to drink rosehip tea regularly for preventive purposes. Rosehip strengthens the immune system, heal the digestive tract, rejuvenate the body, and also easily replace expensive drugstores and biological supplements. In the older generation, against the background of the use of tinctures and teas made of this superfood, there is often a normalization of blood pressure and a decrease in the number of migraine attacks. And the rosehip can prevent the formation of sand and stones in the kidneys.


Root vegetables and its seeds are rich in vitamins A and C, which are the most powerful antioxidants. Not only do they slow down the ageing process, but they also help to improve the condition of the skin, preventing the loss of moisture, deterioration of skin tone and colour, and the acne appearance. Vitamins A and C protect the cells from free radicals, accelerate the regeneration of the skin, it produces more collagen, which makes it look younger. The juice of this superfood helps with abdominal distension. It reduces the number of gases and promotes normal digestion.

Thus, carrots are useful for a flat stomach, and there are very few calories in it.

Pumpkin seeds

It has an excellent ability to clean and repair the skin because it contains a large number of vitamins for the skin (A and E), minerals (zinc and selenium) and essential fatty acids that you will not find anywhere else. The caloric content of pumpkin seeds is quite high – 556 kcal per 100 grams of the product. Their nutritional value is also high: proteins – 24.5 g, fats – 45.8 g, carbohydrates – 4.7 g. However, you should not be afraid of fats in the product, as they will make your skin unrecognizable. The main thing is to eat no more than 30 grams of this superfood a day.


Its main advantage is the presence of vitamin E. It protects cells from ageing and cleanses the body. Cosmetologists use the properties of almonds to keep hair silky and keep skin healthy and supple for as long as possible.

In addition, regular eating of this superfood will help:

  • remove the sand from the kidneys;
  • normalize the work of such an important organ as the liver;
  • to excrete bile;
  • clean the blood.

Fatty acids protect the body from excess glucose in the blood. Therefore, almonds are useful for people with diabetes. It also has a beneficial effect on microcirculation and immunity.

Coconut oil

Its health benefits are due to its unique composition, which is why it is included in the list of foods for proper nutrition. Unlike animal fats, it does not contain cholesterol. In addition, coconut oil consists of fatty acids with a short carbon chain, which ensures the most rapid absorption by the body – both when taken with food or in the case of application to the skin or hair.

Coconut oil pros:

  1. A quick quench of hunger. One teaspoon of this superfood will give you a feeling of saturation.
  2. Optimization of metabolism. Saturated fatty acids are critically important for the assimilation of a number of minerals and vitamins. Add the oil to the salad and when cooking.
  3. Frying safety. Coconut oil is able to withstand high temperatures (about 180°C) and is therefore ideal for use in frying vegetables and meat.
  4. Skin and hair quality improvement. Both internal and external use of coconut oil can have a positive effect on the condition of the skin and hair. Add it to your cream or mask.