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Baltic Brilliance Top 5 Beauty Brands in Latvia, Photo 1917

18 July 2022


Baltic Brilliance Top 5 Beauty Brands in Latvia

Latvia, a Baltic state known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and architectural beauty, is also home to a vibrant cosmetics industry. Reflecting the country's natural bounty and commitment to sustainability, Latvian beauty brands offer a unique blend of traditional wisdom and modern innovation. Here are the top five Latvian beauty brands making a mark in the global beauty scene.

Mádara Cosmetics

Mádara Cosmetics is arguably the most internationally recognized Latvian beauty brand. The company takes its name from the Madara plant, a wild herb widely recognized in Latvia for its medicinal properties. Mádara offers a broad range of organic skincare products that harness the power of Baltic plant extracts. From their acclaimed Time Miracle Age Defence Day Cream to the nourishing Superseed Oils, Mádara excels at fusing traditional natural ingredients with modern skincare technology.


Known for their lush and indulgent bath and body products, Stenders offers a "feel-good" beauty experience. Their products, which include soaps, shower gels, bath bombs, and body scrubs, are often inspired by the northern European countryside's natural beauty. The brand's commitment to crafting visually appealing and wonderfully fragrant products has made Stenders a favourite among beauty enthusiasts seeking a spa-like experience at home.


With a history dating back to the 19th century, Dzintars is a time-honored beauty brand specializing in perfumes, cosmetics, and skincare. Despite its rich history, Dzintars continues to innovate, offering products that blend traditional ingredients with modern scientific advancements. Their skincare range is particularly notable, offering solutions for various skin types and concerns.

Kivvi Cosmetics

Kivvi Cosmetics, known for their certified organic skincare and body care products, focuses on the power of berries. Their formulations often include extracts from berries like blackcurrants, lingonberries, and bilberries, all rich in beneficial antioxidants. Kivvi's approach to beauty embodies a harmony with nature, a philosophy that is deeply rooted in Latvian culture.

Anna Liepa

Anna Liepa is a premium Latvian beauty brand offering a range of skincare products formulated to combat various skin concerns. Their product line includes cleansers, toners, serums, and creams, all designed to offer effective skincare solutions while also promoting relaxation and self-care. Anna Liepa’s products reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and luxury, ensuring a pampering beauty experience.

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Latvia's beauty brands offer a unique blend of traditional wisdom, local ingredients, and innovative formulations. These top five Latvian brands cater to a diverse range of beauty needs, embodying the country's natural beauty and respect for the environment. Whether you are in search of organic skincare, indulgent bath products, or luxe beauty experiences, Latvia's beauty scene is worth exploring.