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Beauty dictionary: 10 terms to know today, Photo 510

08 July 2022


Beauty dictionary: 10 terms to know today

Every day, new technologies and techniques are emerging in the beauty world, which means that new terminology is developing as well. Therefore, to keep you up to date on all the innovations, we have selected 10 new beauty terms that you should know.


It is the rules of life from the famous detox guru Henri Chenot. Here are some of Chenot’s rules: balanced eating, full-fledged sleep, meditation, yoga, and a three-day detox once a month.

It is a unique plant that is now actively incorporated into cosmetics. Among them: are Eleutherococcus, ginseng root, Rhodiola Rosea, Peruvian poppy, and Cordyceps mushroom. They help cells to regenerate and also fight the spread of bacteria.


It is a daily exercise for the face, which returns the skin elasticity, and fights wrinkles and the second chin.

J beauty

In the Japanese canon of beauty, the main requirement which are the perfect condition of the skin. For example, special products and self-massage.


The components of cosmetics hold cells together, protect skin and give us a sense of comfort.


It is the constant control of all vital indicators of the body - from the quality of sleep and nutrition to the state of hormones and antioxidants.


Plastic surgery to enlarge the buttocks with implants.

The Splash mask

It is a new Korean-born product. It is a kind of elixir that gives the skin freshness and smoothness. A splash mask is a liquid mixed with water. This remedy can also be used for hot baths and hair washing.


Metered cooling of subcutaneous fat, creates miracles in the correction of the figure. Unlike other similar procedures, Zeltiq does not destroy vessels and nerves.


It is a biological term that has quickly become cosmetic. Dandruff and increased skin sensitivity are associated with impaired skin ecosystem balance, that is, the microbiome. To normalize the condition of the scalp, dermatologists are still developing more new products.