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Biorhythms of nutrition: a healthy way to normalise your weight

Every girl who is responsible for her health knows that diets help lose weight, but they do harm the body. Only proper systemic nutrition can cause significant benefits to the body and normalise the weight. The method of feeding concerning biorhythms was developed in 1987 but now is not known much about it. What are her basic rules, and how will it help lose weight? Read about this in our new article.

Biorhythms of nutrition are the ability to correctly order meals and choose products. The body is related when you eat meat, mashed potatoes or vegetables. Therefore, nutritionists advise to adhere to these simple rules:

Distribute products

It is logical to start the day with carbohydrates since in the morning there is the highest need for energy. Therefore, it makes sense to have breakfast with cereals, fruits, and vegetables. In the morning you can even eat a tasty bun, because, as you know, in the flames of morning carbohydrates, fat is burned out. In the evening, on the contrary, you need to reduce the number of carbs and choose light protein products. The dish can be supplemented with non-starchy vegetables.

Do not starve yourself

Even if you crucially need to lose weight before your vacation, and the plane departing in two hours, it makes no sense to starve. It will only harm the stomach or lead to overeating in the future. Follow the needs of the biorhythms of the body and reduce the dose. This will help get closer to the dreamy number on the scales.

Adhere to the regime without a weekend

Our body, unlike the office, has no days off, so Saturday and Sunday should also be followed by the system. Ideally, we must go to bed at the same time, but on weekends we often go out. If you like to dance and drink, prefer light drinks and food, and control the amount of food eaten.

Finding a balance

By following the biorhythmic diet, you will be able to lose weight precisely in those areas where you want. Eating habits are easy to recognise by body shape:

  • overweight in the upper body indicates excess protein;
  • if stocks are deposited on the arms and hips, it is necessary to limit the sugar amount;
  • rounded belly and full waist are talking about your love for pastry;
  • hips volume can increase due to the excessive amount of vegetables and fruits.

Controlling the weakening

In order not to fall into depression before getting noticeable results, certain deviations are permissible in the system of nutrition. This means you have two meals a week, in which you can eat anything, including pastries, desserts, chips, and alcohol. Be careful, two meals a week, not two meals a day!

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