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Blonde with dark roots: hot hair dyeing for summer

Wind fashion has a new twist this summer: blonde with dark hair roots. Not so long ago, the grown roots were considered a sign of bad taste. The main thing is to choose the right type of dyeing and shades. Which exactly? We will talk about this in today’s article.

New hair-trend

Light locks and darkened hair roots are the most popular version of the blonde this summer. Such hair colouring, with a stretch of a darker tone from the roots, sometimes even to the middle of the curls and the ends a few shades lighter, corresponds to the trend of naturalness. 

Blonde with shaded roots is not only beautiful but also practical. If the hairstylist chooses the right shade for the root zone and with proper home care, such a blonde allows you to slightly increase the intervals between salon visits.

Choose a shade

Blue-eyed and grey-eyed women with fair skin should choose a cold blonde with dark roots. Golden and sunny shades also harmonize perfectly with dark roots. Darker (in particular, olive or bronze) skin in a duo with brown eyes is perfectly combined with such colouring, allowing to achieve the look of a real beach girl. Platinum blonde with dark roots also looks good.

Dyeing techniques with darkened roots

The effect of darkened roots can be achieved in different ways. Let’s consider the most fashionable variations of blonde with dark roots.


The border of shades is stretched, creating a spectacular gradient.


Consonant with the previous technique suggests hair dyeing in light shades almost along its entire length, getting the same effect of regrown roots.


Highlighting and colouring techniques involve alternating several shades of blonde, from darker to lighter.


It is this technique that gives the impression that the curls have burned out in the sun. The boundaries of the colour are invisible, and the curls shimmer beautifully in the light.


An interesting way that allows blondes with dark roots to refresh their appearance. Dark and light shades replace each other, enlivening the look with a dynamic play of glare.

Celebrities and trendy hair dyeing

Margot Robbie

The famous Australian and American actress is not afraid of dark hair roots. She is one of those celebrities who try to break the taboo and make a sloppy style a trend.

Reese Witherspoon

The actress always stays true to her favourite blonde colour.

Michelle Pfeiffer

The attention of the press was attracted not only by Michelle’s hairstyle but also by her candid cut. Not all celebrities over the age of 50 agree with such outspoken outfits. Moreover, the actress is 61 years old, and she looks great. A long bob haircut, side parting and dark roots are very suitable and make her visually younger.

Laura Dern

This actress has made a lot of noise over the last year. She broke into the list of world celebrities. It is confirmed by her victory at the “Golden Globe 2020” ceremony in the nomination “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in the film “Marriage Story”. Laura appeared on the red carpet with straight curls of blonde colour, side parting and dark roots.

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