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Bright mood: 10 summer rainbow manicure ideas

Summer is the time of year when you can choose an original and unusual nail art for every day using a rainbow palette and you will look stylish. Rainbow manicure is a new trend this summer. Besides, it is easy to make yourself at home. We offer several bright variations, choose that you like.

Bright lunar manicure

The most restrained design that is suitable even for an office with a not very strict dress code. If desired, you can add decorative elements. A lunar manicure in a matte finish or a combination of matte and glossy elements will help to be in trend.


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Rainbow minimalism

Another good option for a restrained manicure for those who do not plan to spend all summer in Bali. If you do it on a pastel backing, you can visit the office and even a business event with it.


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Rainbow mood

This design is suitable only for short nails because it is very bright and colourful. On the thumb, you can make thin lines that form a rainbow, and on the other 4 one bright colour. If you gather all your fingers in a pile, you get a rainbow wave.


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Gentle rainbow

The white colour allows you to perform any design. Rainbow also harmonizes perfectly with the contrasting white colour, emphasizing the brightness of the manicure. The design will look original if each finger has its minimalist pattern in a rainbow theme.


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Pastel rainbow

Pastel colour can be the main background because it is not very accentuated. You can make a minimalist drawing on it or just apply glitter. This is another good option for a summer office manicure.


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Colourful ombre

Ombre in nail design, as well as hair colouring, has not lost its position for several seasons. Rainbow ombre can be made in pastel colours or in bright and juicy. The main thing is to place light shades at the root of the nail, and colour – at the tips.


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Juicy French manicure

Another great way to add bright colours to the office routine. This design is both restrained and self-sufficient. If you want to make it more accent, you can add glitter, foil or stones.


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Rainbow drawings

You can design any picture using all the colours of the rainbow. This design looks bright and fresh in the summer.


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Glitter glow

Another beautiful summer manicure. First, the nails are covered with shiny gel polish (or glitter is applied on top of the usual), the rainbow is drawn with lines in the free direction.


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Shine of crystals

This is another kind of bright design on a white background. For it, you will need rainbow-coloured stones and long nails. You can lay stones on the base or top.


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