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Carrot oil: benefits for hair and skin

With all sorts of modern synthetic additives available to improve the condition of hair and skin, girls are increasingly turning to natural remedies and organic life. Carrot oil is a well-forgotten old thing that is so relevant in modern times. It is a great way to maintain beauty and youthfulness.

We cannot deny the health and beauty benefits of carrots, their juice and oil. In addition to improving eyesight, you can remember improving complexion, hair and skin condition, and ideal tanning improvement.

What are the benefits for the skin?

Carrot oil contains a large number of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E), trace elements (zinc, phosphorus, iron, manganese) and beta-carotene. So it perfectly nourishes dry sensitive skin. After the application, freckles and age spots become much lighter.

It perfectly copes with chapping, drying, inflammation and flaking of the skin during the cold season.

What are the benefits for your hair?

Because the oil is saturated with fatty acids and vitamins, just a few drops are enough to restore shine and softness to hair. You can add a tablespoon of oil to your shampoo. Carrot oil stimulates hair growth and gives it an incredible shine. After application, many girls notice that their hair becomes much softer.

Studies show that the oil has antibacterial properties, and is recommended for people with dandruff or dry scalp problems.

Note that, as with any natural product, carrot oil can be a source of allergies. Therefore, it is advised to check the reaction of your body first. Apply a drop of oil on a small area of the skin (preferably on the inside of the hand). Also, if you regularly apply oil on blond hair, it can take on a delicate carrot shade, which many blondes will not like. So, be extremely careful with this natural remedy.

Let your face and skin always shine, and be healthy and beautiful.

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