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Chocolate: the best shade to hide grey hair

Chocolate hair colour is extremely tempting. Its owner can not remain a grey mouse, it is so rich in each of its halftones. Chocolate colour – it even sounds delicious and attractive. And it is suitable for almost all women after 35. What else is important to know about this hair shade and how to choose the right hue? Read about it in our new article.

Choose the colour according to age

It is believed that the older we get, the lighter the hair should be to better hide grey hair.

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Dyeing hair in a dark shade after 35 years is not very common. Experts say that the palette of chocolate hair tones is versatile and suitable for all ages.

Recommendations for choosing a chocolate palette for hair

In general, shades of milk chocolate are suitable for everyone. The main thing is to choose the right one. To do this, you must take into account the individual characteristics of each woman. Here are the most popular colours.

Milk chocolate shade

This hair colour – bold and seductive – is considered a classic that will never lose its position. Gentle shade occupies a leading position in trends for several seasons in a row.

Milk chocolate with caramel

If you consider this shade, it will be a bit like milk chocolate shade. It is suitable for women with any complexion. Hair of this shade allocates light and not very bright appearance. But ladies with a contrasting colour scheme should not use this shade when changing the appearance.

Ash-milk colour

You should dye your hair in milk chocolate with an ashy undertone if you want to get an original and unusual look. This colour will always be fashionable and looks great on girls with blonde hair.

Dark chocolate shade

It is the noblest of the shades of this palette. A bright saturated tone will suit women with the same bright appearance. Owners of fair skin and lush hair will look in a dark chocolate shade just incredible, especially in combination with dark eyes.

Chocolate shade care

Dark hair needs more frequent colour care. Besides, the shade of dark chocolate needs regular updating so as not to lose its shine.

To correct the colour, you need to seek the help of a hairstylist every two months (or more often if you have a lot of grey hair).

At home, use care products, including shampoos, labelled “for dark hair.” Try to use protection from direct sunlight, wear hats on sunny days and use special products with UV protection.

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