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Cholesterol tests: keeping health under control

Cholesterol is a necessary substance of the human body. It is the basis of membranes of all cells, used for the synthesis of vitamin D and bile acids. Most of the necessary body cholesterol is synthesized in the liver, smaller – comes with food. In the blood, cholesterol is part of complex – lipoproteins. Despite the apparent need for the body, its excess in the blood can lead to atherosclerosis — the formation of plaques on the walls of the vessels that narrow their lumen. Smoking, overweight, an inactive lifestyle, poor nutrition are all factors that raise the level of “bad” cholesterol.

Preparation for cholesterol analysis

Doctors usually refer patients to this study for suspected pathology of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidney, and endocrine disorders.

Blood is taken from a vein. The analysis should be taken on an empty stomach (but this should not last more than 14 hours). For this reason, most of the blood is taken on cholesterol in the morning. On the eve of the patient should refrain from eating fatty foods and too active physical activity: after exercise, especially on the street, the content of HDL can be increased in the blood, which will ruin the results of the analysis.

If you suffer from any chronic disease or take medication, you should tell your doctor. For example, taking oral contraceptives and diuretics increases the concentration of LDL and estrogen lowers total cholesterol. With all these points in mind, the doctor will give you recommendations on how best to prepare for blood donation.

How to donate blood for analysis

Many patients are fear of pain when taking blood from a vein. But these feelings are related mainly to psychological mood. Specialists advise coming to the laboratory as soon as possible, so as not to wait in line. After the patient has donated blood, it is worth going to the air immediately – it will help to feel better.

As a rule, the results of the analysis can be obtained the next day, but in some medical institutions, biochemical blood tests require more time.

Decoding analysis

The first thing to look out for is your blood cholesterol test results are high or low. By itself, the total content of cholesterol in the blood does not give complete information about the state of the body. Moreover, several physiological factors increase or decrease these indicators. Thus, the content of cholesterol in the blood can grow during pregnancy, eating disorders, taking oral contraceptives, alcohol abuse, hereditary predisposition to overweight. However, an increase in the level of a substance in the blood may indicate the development of pathologies, such as:

  • atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease;
  • some diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • pancreatitis, diseases of the pancreas;
  • diabetes;
  • gout;
  • acute purulent inflammation ( HDL level increases).

Reduced cholesterol in the blood is also undesirable. As we have noted, this compound plays a vital role in metabolism and the construction of cell membranes. Besides, studies are showing a link between low cholesterol and depression. So, keep your health in the right balance!

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