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Choosing hairstyle by type of face

A new haircut is a perfect solution when you want changes in life. Moreover, this year is quite democratic to the trends: fashion houses are supportive of different hair lengths and colours. The main thing is to choose a hairstyle that will fit your face shape and, of course, corresponds to fashion trends. In this article, we collected useful information on how to choose the right hairstyle based on the type of person. Thanks to our selection, the choice will be easy and the result is stunning.

Square shape

Women with wide cheekbones need to soften angularity and visually bring their faces closer to the oval shape. Therefore, stylists do not recommend symmetrical styling and hairstyles with a thick even bang, the choice is better to make in favour of an elongated asymmetric bob and a multi-layered haircut such as a cascade or ladder.

Round face

Hairdressers offer girls haircuts and styling, helping to narrow and lengthen the face. For a medium length of hair, this is usually styling with oblique cut, asymmetrical elongated square with oblique bangs. A good choice is also long hair with a thick even bang or curly locks. Short haircuts with a volume at the top and elongated temples also help to narrow the shape of the face. Symmetry is not recommended, and it is also better to give up a length of hair to the chin, smooth styling, too thin or shortened bangs.

Oval face

Girls with this form of face are especially lucky because for them the choice of a new haircut is huge. They can experiment and agree on the ultra-short pixy haircut, choose symmetrical and asymmetrical bob haircuts. With a more elongated oval face cascade and graduated bob hairstyles fit. The bangs vary from even thick to oblique and elongated.

Rectangle face

Shape dictates the need to expand the area of cheekbones and temples while narrowing the area of the chin and forehead. Therefore, stylists advise stopping your choice on long even hair, avoiding direct spanking in the centre. Asymmetrical haircuts with oblique long bangs fit ideal. You should also avoid the smooth styling and hairstyles that open your face.

The triangular shape of the face does not tolerate the volume at the top of the stack and requires expanding its lower part. For girls with this face, shape suits square above the chin with an elongated bang, as well as a cascade, hairstyles up to the shoulders and bob. Beautifully and stylishly will look strands to the shoulders and long curls.

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