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Cosmetics for children: choosing a safe one

Modern cosmetics stores and pharmacies beckon young parents with beautiful jars and tubes with funds for gentle care of baby skin. Many parents are lost among a variety of brand products. This leads to useless waste of money and, at worst, – to the development of serious allergic reactions and chronic dermatitis. In this article, we will tell you what to look for when buying baby cosmetics and how to choose a safe one.

Which products are the best

The most necessary cosmetics for the first years of the life of baby paediatricians and experienced moms believe are soap (except for antibacterial), shampoo, cream for diapers (powder), wet wipes, oil, sunscreen and cream that protects from bad weather. All these funds should be used according to age (0+, 6+, 12+, over three years old, etc.), for example, shampoo can be used from three weeks of age or at the doctor’s prescription if it is curative. Wet wipes cannot replace hand washing and hygiene procedures using running water in any way.

When choosing cosmetics for your child, it is worth remembering that each person is different. In addition, children of parents who suffer from allergic reactions to household chemicals, most often respond to these drugs in the same way. It is better to immediately exclude the child’s contact with it. It is worth remembering that chosen soap, for example, for washing an infant or powder for washing its things, is desirable to use for all other family members. This will help avoid contact of baby skin with adult cosmetics and chemistry. General practitioners and dermatologists recommend preliminary any new means to check by conducting a standard allergy test, applying a little product to the inner crook of the elbow.

Children’s cosmetics should be necessarily marked “hypoallergenic” and “for children”, as well as in its composition should not be:

  • dyes;
  • aromatic fragrances;
  • mineral oil;
  • formaldehyde;
  • refined products (eg paraffin);
  • silicones and parabens;
  • animal fats, alcohol, etc

Each cosmetic product should be used according to the expiration date and must have a quality certificate.


Buying cosmetics for the youngest children, it is worth choosing products certified according to European standards and GOSTs, which are marked on the package: ECOCERT, BDIH, ICEA, NATRUE, COSMOS, etc. This ensures a safer and more natural composition of funds. It is also worth remembering that essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants included in many shampoos and gels for washing children can cause allergies. The most tested and approved by many dermatologists in the world is children’s cosmetics brands such as Weleda (Germany), Pigeon (Japan), Bubchen (Germany), Mustela (France).

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