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Cozy autumn manicure: step-by-step guide

Agree, a lunar or french manicure is sometimes boring, and you want something unusual. That is why most beauties prefer an autumn manicure with the image of any animal. Today we have prepared for you a step-by-step guide to cosy black and white nail design. These are cartoon images, cute and heartfelt. Whatever pattern you choose, it is guaranteed to look unusual.

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  1. Practice on a piece of paper before you start designing. Take a simple pencil and paper and draw animals of the same size that will be on the nails. When you will like the picture, do the same with the other hand (because you have to do the design on the right hand too).
  2. Remove the cuticle, give the nails shape, cover them with dehydrator and base (dry in a lamp).
  3. Cover the nails with white gel polish and fix it in the lamp.
  4. When the colour dries, apply the pattern on the selected nails with a simple pencil. You can easily adjust it with an eraser.
  5. If you like the contours, paint with coloured gel polish (black, orange, navy blue) or gel paint. Choose the thinnest brush and carefully draw thin lines. Fix the picture in the lamp.
  6. Cover the picture with a top and dry it in a lamp.

Your autumn manicure is ready!

If desired, you can change the colours to brighter.

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