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Cuisines of the world: TOP of the most delicious countries, Photo 733

24 July 2022


Cuisines of the world: TOP of the most delicious countries

One of the attendant pleasures of the trip is the tasting of local cuisine. An unforgivable omission, for example, is to visit Spain and not try paella or refuse the pleasure of drinking sangria. Who knows, what cuisines can be a favourite treat after a trip? Today, GoBeauty has compiled a list of the most delicious cuisines in the world. Let’s inspire together!


The Japanese tend to turn everything into art, and cooking is no exception. Maybe that is why miso-soup has gained popularity around the world and does not need a separate presentation. No less popular is Japanese tempura – deep-fried vegetables, slices of fish, shrimps. Sushi and Sashimi – Who knew regular rice would become so popular? Everyone has heard about the fugue, though, is it worth the risk of living to eat poisonous fish?


Cooking in France is an art and famous chefs are poets. A true masterpiece of culinary art is a dish that is prepared on the basis of a particular recipe, but invariably with the introduction of any changes. In France, it is worth tasting beef stew or regular steak. Despite the glory of the French as exquisite gourmets, their country’s “native” cuisine is quite simple. Even foie gras is just a fried liver of a fed goose. From the exotic, you can try snail escargot or frog legs. Instead of garnish, crispy French baguette is recommended, and for coffee, choose the gentle Macarons meringues.


Travelling and tasting different flavours in Greece is like flipping through glossy magazine pages. Among the blue seas and white houses, you can enjoy the healthiest cuisine in the world. It’s secret is in olive oil. Travelling in Greece, you should try spinach – a dish of feta spinach baked in puff pastry. Also worth noting are fried meat with tzatziki sauce wrapped in pie – gyros. Lahanorizo – mixed with cabbage and onion rice – a hearty but not so exotic dish. By the way, dolma and lentil soup came to us from Greece. Most importantly, the process of serving: striking the most mezzo, chic snacks.


No one ever says, “Let’s go, eat American food tonight.” But so do millions of people across the globe. And the reason for this is that American cuisine is the mix of all the cuisines on the planet. Pizza is from Italy, French fries are from Belgium, and burgers are from Germany. A cheeseburger is a perfect example of how you can make a good burger even more delicious. Chocolate chip cookies are the world’s American classic! American cuisine is the most harmful to health, and our rating today is not about benefit.


Italian cuisine has driven many people across the globe. The secret is simplicity. Take pasta, some olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and bacon and carbonara – the world masterpiece – ready. All Italian dishes are easy to cook and eat. Starting with creamy cuttings and ending with fried meat in Florentine, everyone in the kitchen of Italy will find something for themselves. Bolognese is the most popular pastry option in the world. The pizza is simple but delicious. Therefore, it is popular all over the world. Not surprisingly, pizza can always be ordered home. Italian salami – the famous sausage. Coffee – cappuccino for breakfast? Forget it. Italians drink it all day and even at night.