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DSD DeLuxe: an innovative way of hair treatment

Divination Simone DeLuxe (DSD DeLuxe) is an elite cosmetic brand that has been manufactured in Spain since 1987. The company’s products are designed to treat hair and scalp problems. For a long time, DSD DeLuxe is one of the European leaders in this field and is widely used by trichologists.

DSD DeLuxe products are without silicones! All products are created and developed in the Rofersam Laboratory Cosmetic, following the EcoCert quality standards. This is a confirmation of its organic composition. Rofersam Laboratory is actively investing in the development and production of environmentally friendly products based on components of biologic origin. DSD DeLuxe do it to maximise the use and preserve the resources of our planet.

Cosmetics belong to the class of cosmeceuticals because they combine the power of medicines. But they give a feeling of pleasure and comfort that is characteristic of the use of high-quality cosmetics. It consists of the only natural, safe and environmentally friendly ingredients. It also does not contain sulfates, parabens and petroleum commodities.


photo credit: DSD deLuxe

Products have pronounced therapeutic effects. They also intensively affect hair growth, suppress the signs of inflammation in case of seborrhea and dandruff, entirely restore the structure of damaged hair. The safety of products has been confirmed not only clinically but also based on the vast experience of trichologists, patients, clients and customers over decades in many countries. Biotechnologists and doctors involved in the development of Divination Simone de Luxe are at the forefront of trichology development. That is why the updated continuously assortment of cosmetics always contains the latest components with proven activity.

The products for hair growth stimulation are based on ingredients with a serious scientific basis. The derivatives of purine and pyrimidine bases allow obtaining stimulating effects comparable to minoxidil. And minoxidil is the most powerful of the approved hair growth stimulators by today. But it is worth mentioning that all new Simone hair growth stimulators do not have the harmful effects of the withdrawal. As biogenic stimulators, the new Simone products contain placental extract, royal jelly, yeast extract, burdock root extract, nettle leaf extract, rosemary, sulfur-containing amino acids, complexes of natural water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. The preparation of products include the extracts of more than 25 types of plants, grown in ecologically clean locations.


photo credit: DSD deLuxe


photo credit: DSD deLuxe

For hair shafts structure damage prevention and damaged hair restoration, the cosmetics include many ingredients, such as keratin, collagen, phospholipids, ceramides, hydrolysed silk, panthenol, red algae extract, diatomic algae, Sanqua Camellia, orchid flower extract.

You can choose the best product line for yourself among the vast range because of Divination Simone DeLuxe hair care products include:

  1. Antiseborrheic products
  2. Antiseborrheic and anti-dandruff products
  3. Anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating products
  4. Double-effect products: Hair growth stimulation and damaged hair restructuring
  5. Restructuring products for damaged hair

GoBeauty Blog has tried Divination Simone DeLuxe products, and the effect is immediately noticeable. That’s why we highly recommend refusing to use mass-market hair cair products but choose professional cosmeceuticals to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Once you try the Divination Simone DeLuxe brand, you will not only be impressed with its high efficiency and quality but also get pure aesthetic enjoyment and comfort.

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