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Daytime and evening makeup: step-by-step techniques, Photo 954

13 August 2022


Daytime and evening makeup: step-by-step techniques

Makeup is an integral part of every woman’s life. There are a lot of techniques: nude, natural, smoky. How to do a good make-up for the office and for the party? GoBeauty has prepared a step-by-step guide for you.

Creating a business look

While creating nude make-up, you must focus on emphasizing your uniqueness. This is a pastel, restrained look that is suitable for work or study. Despite its conciseness, perfect nude makeup can mask the flaws and emphasize what nature has given. Basic rules for applying daytime makeup:

  1. Do not overload the look and emphasize one thing. If you decide to apply eyeshadows, do not apply red lipstick, and vice versa.
  2. Learn how to shade the eyeshadows – this will be very useful for you. But for nude makeup creation, its role is key, there should not be sharp shades of transition, cosmetics should be practically merged with a tone of the skin and look very natural.
  3. Choose nude shades of cosmetics – colours that are as close as possible to the tint of the skin. Apply make-up under the natural light -by the window. Otherwise, you risk going out of the room and find that your look is too bright.

Below you can see the video with step-by-step instructions for applying the makeup.

Getting ready for a party

Evening makeup is not always meant for evening going out, it is also relevant in the afternoon if you are going to a festive event. The look must be festive and in harmony with clothing and accessories.

The list of looks that can be done has no end, but there are some basic rules relevant to any festive makeup.

  1. Balance compliance. Before you apply cosmetics, think of your look to the trinkets. Make a pre-appointment with the outfit and pick up the makeup, taking into account its features. Finish the bold look with the makeup, which will have only one accent – on the eyes or on the lips. Your man will appreciate it.
  2. Take into account the peculiarities of the event. Where will the party take place, and what is the lighting there? What is the dress code? Will there by any photoset? All these moments must be taken into account when creating an evening makeup to harmonise clothes and cosmetics.
  3. Choose sustainable products. Festive makeup must always be lasting! And even if you do not plan to walk until dawn, but go for dinner with friends to the cafe, who knows when and how it will end. So choose a qualitative tonal base and lipstick, and also apply a proven primer.
  4. Add glow. The glitters are one of the best-of-this-season trends. Choose shimmer eyeshadows for evening makeup or apply a little highlighter on your temple. However, choose one thing, so that there are enough glow and glitter.

The video below is a step-by-step lesson on the beautiful and effortless evening makeup creation.