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Detox cosmetics: what is it and does it actually exist?

Detox cosmetics are products that promise to clean your skin almost immediately (and in deep layers) and give your face a healthy glow. Does a face need detox, or is it another marketing ploy? GoBeauty Blog dealt with it.

What is detox cosmetics?

Detox products promote deep cleansing and removal of toxins from the skin. It has been used for millennia. Yes, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra regularly used various creams and scrubs that effectively fight against pollution, dust and harmful substances. Roman getters twice a week conducted detox procedures: covered themselves with coffee and cocoa, wrapped themselves with spirulina and citrus oils, rubbed a mixture of seaweed and clay. The result is a gorgeous appearance without the slightest hint of wrinkles and age-old changes.

Why do we need it?

During the day, many germs and bacteria attack our body. Some of them penetrate the deepest layers and cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms. As a result, we get:

  • dull complexion;
  • allergic reactions and skin rashes;
  • swelling and eye bags;
  • sagging and skin laxity (reduced turgor);
  • oily and rigid hair that cannot be combed;
  • severed tips and loss of lustre;
  • early wrinkles (including facial expressions);
  • pigmented spots and dilated blood vessels.

It is not a complete list of what changes cause the toxins. And these changes affect not only the face but also the whole body – our body also suffers a lot from these unpleasant bacteria. If we do not want to look 40 in 30 years, we need to use cleansing cosmetics.


The composition of detox cosmetics

If there is a detox sign on the pack, this does not mean that the product has the following properties. Much more important is the composition of cosmetics. Considering that the primary purpose of detox cosmetics is deep cleansing, it must include such components:

  • nasturtium extract and perfluorocarbon (these components are often present in oxygen-purifying masks with bubbles);
  • glucosamine – available in mild facial scrubs;
  • stem cells (extracted from Swiss apples to stimulate metabolic processes in skin cells and fight ageing signs);
  • coffee bean oil or their extract to enhance lymph flow in skin cells.

Vitamins E and C, grape seed extracts, ginkgo Biloba and green tea all enhance the detox effect. These components are the most potent antioxidants that effectively fight free radicals – one of the causes of intoxication and skin ageing.

Previously, detox cosmetics were mainly made up of cleansers – scrubs, washing gels and tonics. But the modern cosmetics industry has made it possible to add detox components to other remedies – face and eye creams, boosters, concentrates, emulsions, serums and masks.

Effective detox treatments

Even conventional massage improves blood circulation and speeds up the processes of elimination of harmful substances from the skin. Vitalaser laser bio revitalization procedure is also beneficial. It accelerates the processes of cellular metabolism and increases the level of oxygen content in the dermis. Collagen production is additionally stimulated, and hyaluronic acid is replenished. Besides, you can try HydraFacial cleaning with three types of effects: mechanical peeling, vacuum massage and the use of multifunctional serums. Facial cleansing takes the standard procedure to a whole new level, improving skin condition and activating metabolic processes.

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