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Detoxication: Do you really need to cleanse the colon?

A few decades ago, nobody knew such a diagnosis as “colon slagging.” Now every glamour magazine takes the courage to advise on how to cleanse the colon. But does such a cleaning have a physiological meaning or is it just a tribute to the fashion? GoBeauty Blog has analysed the most popular methods of cleaning the intestines and is already ready to make a verdict.


The classics of the genre, healers and supporters of a healthy lifestyle actively promote cleansing of the colon with the help of an enema. Moreover, medicine today is considered to be almost a panacea for everything. However, it must be understood that the setting of the enema – a procedure designed to urgently clear the thick intestine. And it deprives the body of the effects of illness. It does not heal. Moreover, mechanical cleaning leads to the washing of probiotic microflora. So, very quickly on the site of beneficial microorganisms, there are pathogens, which leads to the development of dysbiosis and chronic inflammatory diseases. Normal enema usage makes the colon “lazy”. This means it stops moving, its peristalsis is broken, and atony comes.

Conclusion: Enema, as a cleanser, is a forced measure and should not be used continuously.


This procedure has suddenly become popular and promoted by many beauty salons as a great way to get rid of toxins, extra pounds and even wrinkles. After it comes to ease in the body, melt away extra pounds, the condition of the skin improves. However, hydrocolonotherapy is primarily a therapeutic procedure that is prescribed for inflammatory diseases of the colon, chronic constipation, prostatitis. At the same time medicines, green fees, mineral water are added in the composition. The effect of losing weight is achieved through the loss of liquid in the body. Therefore, the impact of weight loss after hydrocolonotherapy is short. The procedure is contraindicated in haemorrhoids, anaemia, stomach illness, ulcerative colitis, and autoimmune diseases.

Conclusion: Hydrocolonotherapy is useful but can be used only by appointment and under the supervision of a doctor.


Another popular way to cleanse the body and lose weight. The essence of the method is to save the body from supplying nutrients from the outside and make it begin to recycle its own reserves. Already after 12-24 hours, the stock of carbohydrates in the body ends. And it has to use accumulation. The first is glycol and water, which leads to the cleansing of the colon. Only then comes the queue of fats. In this case, it is essential that while starving, you drink only water.

There are a lot of cons. First of all, starvation requires the strictest observance of the rules of its conduct. Otherwise, it is possible to disrupt the entire digestive system.

Besides, the body perceives the starvation process as a danger and takes steps for its own salvation. After stopping starvation, the body “remembers” that this can happen again, and begins to intensify the deposition of nutrients for the stock.

The excretion of toxic substances when incomplete disintegration of their own fats during fasting leads to an acidophilic crisis. The body accumulates acetone and anhydrides.

Conclusion: Starvation can be a unique cleaning process that helps cleanse the whole body and cure some diseases. But only if it is properly carried out under the control of a specialist.


It produced to remove toxic substances from the body naturally. Therefore, it is a soft cleansing method. Studies have shown that with the help of enterosorbents, it is possible to clean not only the colon but also the blood.

Natural sorbents include fibre. It is contained in vegetables and cereals. Enterosorbents of plant origin have higher efficiency. They are ideally suited for sophisticated weight loss measures. When poisoning, activated charcoal is active, but it must be remembered that it is contraindicated in gastric ulcer.

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To the cons of medicinal chemical enterosorbents, such as coal, can be attributed to the fact that they can wash out trace elements. This leads to a mineral deficiency. Natural enterosorbents are devoid of this disadvantage.

Conclusion: Soft cleansing of the organism without side effects can be provided by the administration of enterosorbents. Recipes of natural medicine with vegetables and grains usage can also be considered to be one of the safest and most gentle ways to cleanse the body.

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