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Does sauna really help in losing weight?

The use of the sauna has never been questioned: it helps to normalize pressure, relax and relieve emotional stress and, of course, it helps to communicate in good company over a cup of fragrant herbal tea. Now saunas have become very popular yet and thanks to a pleasant “side effect” – the ability to lose weight. However, do not think that it’s enough just to steam for a while in the sauna and fatty deposits will melt. To lose weight, you need to get to the point with your mind.

How to lose weight in the sauna

When a person enters a sauna, the body starts to heat up quickly. To compensate overheating, the process of sweating begins, which helps cool your body. Together with sweat, liquid and salts are excreted from the body. For a two-hour session of visiting the sauna, you can lose up to 2 litres of liquid, but this does not mean that the melted fat comes out, it is consumed by the body’s water reserves. It should be understood that when you drink water or tea, the body’s fluid reserves will be replenished and the weight will be the same. But effect from visiting sauna is still there, as slags and toxins are washed out of the body together with salts, which normalizes metabolism. In addition, at high temperatures, blood circulation significantly increases, which stimulates the breakdown of fat. It is also important that the process of sweating is quite energy-intensive, which also contributes to weight loss, and if you still use special cosmetics for weight loss, you can significantly enhance the effect.


Losing weight correctly

To keep the effect and not get kilograms left in the sauna returned, the process of losing weight should be approached in a complex way. In addition to visiting the steam room, it is worthwhile to undergo a course of anti-cellulite massages (10-15 procedures), normalize your meals and regularly take fitness classes. To consolidate the effect, sauna visits should be regular – once a week.

Before enrolling in the sauna, remember that it is contraindicated:

  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • vascular diseases;
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases.

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