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Easy ways to remove makeup

It is not easy to do night makeup, and it is even more difficult to remove it. In this article, we will tell in detail how to get rid of the most long-lasting cosmetics and not spoil the skin.

What is long-lasting cosmetics?

Water repellents or waterproofing products are cosmetics that repel water from the outside. You can find waterproof mascara in every cosmetic bag. It is the most popular product in this category.

Long-lasting products are cosmetics that contain a lot of dyes. Stability is achieved due to the number of pigments and silicone oils. The main difference between this category and the first is the brightness of the components.

Waterproof products are cosmetics, resistant to moisture released by the human body.

How to remove makeup

The like dissolves like that, as is known of chemistry lessons. That is, if you want to remove products with fats and silicone in the composition, you need to use a remover with identical elements.


Remove all types of makeup, so that oil-based products, such as hydrophilic oils (oils and emulsifiers, which in contact with water turn into milk) and two-phase products, will probably cope. They help to quickly remove makeup, dissolve the waterproof barrier and easily “slide” on the face. No resistance – no skin injuries.


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Micellar water

It does not contain fats and silicones, but there are micelles. It is microscopic compounds that form surfactants (surfactants) at a certain concentration in water. They have several properties: weaken the action of irritating ingredients, inactivate harmful substances and remove small particles of dirt (including fat). However, in this case, you still have to rub the skin, and if you do it often and for a long time, irritation is inevitable. After removing makeup and dirt, it is recommended to rinse the micellar water (even if the bottle says otherwise).

Milky oil

The delicate texture is perfect for gentle eye makeup removal, as eyelid skin is very thin. The milky oil should be applied immediately to the face (hands, not a cotton pad!). Then remove it with a cotton pad, and wash with water. Most likely, it will not remove all the cosmetics but is guaranteed not to cause dryness.


Powder scrubs can be used for deeper skin cleansing. When interacting with water, they turn into a gentle foam.

Gels and foams

If the skin is normal and not prone to inflammation, you can remove makeup with the usual beauty products. They are applied to damp skin, massaged in circular motions and washed off with warm water. Most likely, they will not clean the skin completely, so it is better to use them to remove the remnants of evening makeup. After washing, you will most likely feel tight, so moisturizing with serum and (or) cream is necessary.

There is nothing at hand

If you are not at home with lasting evening makeup on in any case do not go to bed not removing it. Search for olive oil or greasy cream: they also dissolve cosmetics, though not so delicately. After that, it is necessary to wash face with some cleaning product. And it is better to always carry makeup removal wipes.

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