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Everything will be smooth: replacing tonal base in the summer

Even those girls who are in love with natural makeup have a tonal base in their beauty bag. However, during the heat, even this cosmetic product begins to annoy: the skin is "hot" underneath it, the foundation flows, and the face shines. What to do? It’s simple: replace the tonal base with a light texture. What kind of light textures? GoBeauty Blog will tell you.

Loose powder

We will not open America if we say that the most reliable way to forget about the tonal base is to apply powder. Most of them have high sheathing ability. Girls with dry skin should not be afraid of it. Kabuki brush and a couple of slightly moves will mask small flaws.


Such cosmetic products are often made on a mineral basis, and their purpose is not only to create a tone but also to treat skin defects such as acne, pigmentation and age spots. Many of them also have anti-ageing cream properties with anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. The texture of the BB cream is lighter and does not clog pores plus moisturises the skin.


The task of this product is to prepare your face for makeup. It moisturises the skin and aligns its relief. Some primers have light pigment. If you only need to slightly align your skin, use a makeup base as a stand-alone treatment.

Concealer and corrector

If the skin has a rash, and bruises under the eyes are annoying you, it is not necessary to apply a tonal base on the whole face. Apply concealer under your eyes and on the problem areas. Apply it with a fine brush and then gently wipe it with your fingertips to make the shift invisible. 


We use a tonal base not only to cover the imperfections but also to create a more beautiful and healthy face colour. We propose to replace it with a bronzer: a pair of brush moves, a little shade on the cheekbones, and you do not look pale and tired, voila!

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