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Everything you need to know about dry and liquid makeup textures

Decorative cosmetics are divided into two dry and liquid makeup textures. We used dry products in the old way, but cosmetics with a creamy texture confidently conquer "dry" competitors. What products to choose and how do combine different textures? We will talk about this in our new article.

Dry makeup texture

Dry beauty products just seem difficult to use there is nothing easier! However, they are more visible on the face, as they lie on top of the skin, rather than absorbed like cream, thus significantly emphasizing its relief (so it is better to exfoliate beforehand). 

Cream makeup texture

Liquid and cream products are convenient for daily use because they do not always require brushes and are easy to apply by hand. These textures transfer colour well and lie evenly on the skin, without emphasizing the relief. It helps to create light and natural makeup. The skin will look satin and well-groomed as if you finally rested.

When choosing creamy beauty products, the main thing is to know about the degree of their stability after application. It is best to reinsure and learn more about the product from a sales consultant if in doubt. 

How to combine dry and liquid makeup textures

According to the beauty laws, creamy texture is fixed with dry: base + shadows, foundation + powder. This is done for the stability and purity of makeup. The reverse method or mixing of textures is suitable for those who do not work on the matting primer, but this is extremely rare.

You can mix a light water-based foundation and loose powder. Then you will get a more pigmented, dense makeup. As for the sequence, it is better not to apply the powder before the tonal base, because there will be no coupling with the skin. To do this, some bases serve as a layer and protection. The tonal base applied over the powder may roll. 

It is undesirable to mix the powder with a toner, especially if it has a mattifying effect or is silicone-based. The powder can be mixed with thermal water to obtain a tonal fluid. Mineral powder is the best for it.

Which brushes are suitable for creamy and dry textures

Brushes made of natural bristles are very soft, quickly and easily shade all dry products: powder, bronzer, highlighter, blush. But not suitable for loose mineral powder and shadows. If you are allergic to natural hair, it is certainly best to avoid it.

Modern brushes made of synthetic bristles are not worse than natural ones. They are hypoallergenic and versatile: can be used for both dry and liquid makeup textures. Also, for mineral powder application only such brushes approach. But do not buy too cheap as it can pierce the skin, because it is dense. Some brands laser treat each hair so that it has a rounded shape and becomes softer.

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