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Everything you need to know about eyeshadows

Eyeshadows – a product that will always find a place in the cosmetic bag. It is versatile and never goes out of style. Only the application style, textures and fashion shades change. But always the trend is beautifully done makeup. GoBeauty will give you tips on how to choose your perfect eyeshadows and make the perfect makeup. Get ready to remember.

Types of eyeshadows


This type is considered to be the most popular. It lies evenly, well blended and very practical due to its long shelf life. It doesn’t contain moisture, which makes the risk of microbial reproduction minimal. And makeup artists love baked eyeshadows for the ease of mixing with other shades and textures.

Depending on the consistency, dry shadows are matte, semi-matt and shiny. It is applied with brushes or fingers. The wet effect can be achieved by moistening the brush and drawing the desired lines.


This type of eyeshadows has a powder compressed base. Most often it is sold in pallets with several shades, which harmonize with each other. You can apply it with an applicator, brush or fingers.

Pay attention:

  • it is not necessary to get too much product on the brush or applicator to avoid shattering;
  • to use as a liner, choose a bevelled brush (shades are applied in a moist way);
  • do not apply a thick layer and carefully blend;
  • also, use eyeshadows for eyebrows.

Loose powder eyeshadows

It lies flat on the skin, easy to flatten and do not slip. For application, it is better to use brushes with a natural pile. Loose powder eyeshadows contain ingredients that keep the skin tinted, and are most often presented in bright colours. It is mainly used for professional makeup – the powdery texture allows you to create new colour variations and smooth transitions.

Pay attention:

  • these eyeshadows are the least dense and repeat the natural skin tones;
  • easily crumbled, so apply it only over the primer, protecting the area under the eyes with patches or cotton pads;
  • it is applied with gentle movements and then blurred.

Cream eyeshadows

Gel or cream eyeshadows provide a bright spectacular shine and apply a thin layer. Due to the content of fats, organic acids, various oils and waxes, it additionally moisturizes the skin, hides wrinkles on the eyelids and is easily smoothed out. Cream eyeshadows best applied with synthetic brushes that have the least absorbency, or with finger pads.

Application rules

Start with concealer

To apply shadows on the naked eyelids is a pointless task. First, you need to even out the tone, if necessary, visually smooth the wrinkles. Therefore, before applying eyeshadows, select the correct concealer. Do it based on the colour of the skin around the eyes. Does blue pigment prevail? Cover it with orange. For purple circles, choose shades related to the yellow undertone. The green circles will be covered by the pink concealer and the brown ones by the peach.

Don’t forget about primer

Without primer, the evenness of application, stability and pigmentation of the eyeshadows will be almost zero. If this product is not yet in your makeup bag, we recommend the following method. Use a thick concealer (not with a pen-brush, but a cream in a jar), and then powder it. And already on this “foundation” apply shadows of any texture.

Use quality brushes

Buying shadows in a kit with a sponge does not solve the problem of professional use of the product. Invest in a few quality tools. You will need a brush to apply eyeshadows, foundation, and for smoky eyes makeup. Compact and powder textures require a pony or goat bristle brush.

… and fingers

You already have one of the best makeup tools. It’s fingers. Their heat helps to distribute the concealer evenly, apply a dense shade while removing the crumbled ones. And makeup artists mix products and shades right on the back of the palm. So, it’s easy to get cream shadows by adding a primer to the crumbly pigment.

Select the base eyeshadows

Base matte shadows are applied from the eyelash growth line to the eyebrows. Therefore, the colour should not be too bright, pink or grey. Owners of light skin are better to choose sand shades, and the peach and ripe banana colours are suitable for the dark skin tones.

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