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Exercises for the eyes: what to do, so that the eyes do not get tired

A modern person spends a lot of time using various digital devices: a computer, a smartphone, a tablet. This requires maximum eye strain, which is why we feel discomfort, dryness and fatigue. These, at first glance, are minor symptoms and are the early signs of poor eyesight. However, even if a person has an excellent vision, it still needs a good rest for the eyes. A simple gymnastics for the eye muscles can help. Are you ready to start?

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Hold your head motionless and rotate your eyes in the following order: left bottom corner – right upper corner – right lower corner – left the top corner. Then repeat in reverse order. Make sure the eyeballs are not strained while trying to get a picture of the largest size.


The implementation recommendations are similar to the previous exercise. Rotate your eyes on a trajectory that resembles an 8 figure or an infinite character as large as possible but within the face. Then repeat the movements in the opposite direction. In the end, gently blink with your eyes.

A fly

Place the index fingers of both hands to the tip of the nose and fix eyes on them. Then slowly start to grow them horizontally in the sides. Try to focus one eye on the index finger of the right hand, and the other on the index finger of the left hand. Do not try to grow your eyes sideways, use only side vision. Repeat the exercise several times, alternating with the rest.

Big circle

While keeping your head motionless, turn your eyes around the circle, imagining a large clock face. Then slowly rotate your eyes clockwise, and then, on the contrary, fixing a look at each imaginary figure.


Take a small sticker and put it on the window glass. Select a remote object outside the window and look at it for a few seconds, then look at the sticker. Repeat the exercise several times. Subsequently, you can complicate the load – focus on four different remote objects.


Eyesight training is best done in the morning or in the evening before bedtime. Repeat each exercise for 5-30 times. Remember that contact lenses must be removed before practice.

To achieve maximum results, it is better to monitor your health in general. The quality of vision also depends on the diet, in particular on the amount of vitamin A. It can be found in carrots, pumpkin, liver, cranberries and dandelion leaves.

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