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Eye patches: how to use

Everyone has heard about eye patches, and they have long been one of the favourite eye skincare products of women around the world.

Miracle pad works wonders. In a matter of minutes, it eliminates puffiness, effectively fights bruises and dark circles, smoothes out fine facial wrinkles and cares for the delicate skin around the eyes. But do you know how to use eye patches correctly?

A few words about the product

Eye patches, like all trendy masks and various care products, came to us from South Korea. Koreans are famous for their love of care cosmetics and are producers of many trends in cosmetology. 

Hydrogel patches fit snugly to the skin, providing rapid penetration of active substances and are easy to use. In essence, these are masks around the eyes, created based on hyaluronic acid. The hydrogel is a combination of a water-soluble polymer, water and moisturizing ingredients. All these ingredients are carefully measured, mixed and gelled in a device. Then, rolled out into an even thin layer and cut into patches.

Memo on the use of eye patches

How to patch

First of all, clean the skin well, paying attention to the orbital area. Then apply the patches and leave for 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, apply eye cream.

Use it in the morning

Patches quickly eliminate puffiness and swelling under the eyes. But to see the effect, use it in the morning after waking up. By using cosmetic pads before going to bed, you risk missing the full effect. Bedtime patches can only be used when advised by the manufacturer.

Read the instructions

It is necessary to use patches according to the instructions. The manufacturer does not just prescribe the optimal time during which you can leave the product on the skin. He thus wants to protect you from irritation or allergic reactions. Of course, a brand can add an ingredient to the mask that is not appropriate for you. So at the slightest discomfort, immediately remove the pads and rinse the skin with water. Patches can and should be used regularly.

Patches do not have to be stored in the refrigerator

Storing any cosmetics in the refrigerator has a beneficial effect on their shelf life. It is not necessary to store patches in the refrigerator. More significant to use a special plastic spoon that comes with the kit to prevent bacteria from growing in the storage container.

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