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Eyelash curler: how to choose and use

Eyelash Curler – the most useful tool in the cosmetic bag. French women even rarely use mascara, preferring to curl eyelashes and apply red lipstick simply. You can find this strange device in the makeup bag of every makeup artist. Despite this, not all girls trust curlers, many are afraid that it will ruin their eyelashes. We will not cheat: low-quality can actually harm both the eyes and lashes. The main thing is to choose a good eyelash curler and use it correctly.

How to choose 

Now there are various types of eyelash curlers: mechanical, electrical, thin and full-sized.

  1. Thin is suitable for girls with rather small eyes. Although, many makeup artists advise everyone to choose them, as with them you can only tweak the outer corners to imitate a fox or cat eye slit.
  2. A full-size curler does not always match the width of the eye, which is not very good. If its width is larger than the eyes, its arc will not correspond to the shape of the eye in the middle, and most likely it will not twist eyelashes along the edges of the eyes. Too short curlers will not work for the same reason.
  3. Pay attention to the stiffness of the rubber pliers. The softer it is, the easier it will be to tighten eyelashes. If you want the curler to last longer, choose a device with removable rubber silicone inserts.
  4. The choice between mechanical and electrical should be based on whether your eyelashes are well curled. If the eyelashes are thin, a simple mechanical version without heating is better suited; such hairs are so easily twisted. If the eyelashes are more "dense" and straight, they are often tricky to curl such an electric curler with heating can give a more lasting effect. At the same time, remember that the thermal effect on eyelashes is not an option for every day. Such a device can damage the hair. But from the mechanical, there is no harm.

How to use

  1. Curling eyelashes should be before you start makeup.
  2. Set the curler so that the top part is loose against the upper eyelid, and the bottom is located under the eyelashes, almost at the roots. The forceps should not touch the skin.
  3. Close both parts of the curler, not pressing hard on the handles. Hold the curler in this way for 5-10 seconds.
  4. You can repeat the action for a couple of times, moving higher along the length of the eyelashes.
  5. Fix the result by applying your usual mascara. Attention: do not apply the mascara on the roots, it can straighten the eyelashes.
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