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Eyelash primer: a modern product that should be in your cosmetic bag

There is no such thing as too thick and long eyelashes. If your mascara is not up to its job, an eyelash primer will help. GoBeauty will tell you what this fashion novelty is, what functions it performs, and how to use it.

What is it?

An eyelash primer is a gel-like liquid of white or transparent colour, which is intended for application to the hair or before the procedure of extension, or before mascara application. This tool decreases the eyelashes, as well as cleans them from small dust or dirt, particles of cosmetics.

The primer helps keep eyelashes healthy. It is achieved through vitamins and panthenol, which is part of the product. However, the hairs coated with the primer do not come into contact with the components of the ink. It can be used as an independent therapeutic restorative and in combination with cosmetics. Either way, the eyelashes will be well cleaned, painted and will get the necessary care.


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Types of primers

Two types of primer are conventionally distinguished: for use in eyelash extensions and for care (when applying makeup). Both have the same properties. Primers designed for inking typically contain a more significant number of care components. It can be used to strengthen and restore lashes, even if you do not use mascara. The product is sold in tubes, approximately the same as mascara, and with the same brush. It is often available in the form of a transparent gel, but there are also colour variants, such as black. Primers for eyelashes are sometimes combined with mascara (turns out 2in1 tool).

The white product is convenient in that it can be clearly seen if it is evenly distributed over the hairs. Recent developments of this kind of primer have a unique composition, through which its colour changes from white (immediately at the time of application) to colourless (as it dries).

How to apply an eyelash primer

Using a brush, apply primer to the lashes on the inside and outside. Then wait a few minutes to dry. If the brush is not included, use a cotton swab. It is best to dye your eyelashes with the eyes closed.

Then you can use mascara and start the eyelash extension – now they are protected and ready for makeup. If you notice redness of the eyelids, itching, or rashes after use, stop using the product and consult your doctor.

Store the primer in a cool place at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees.

How to choose a primer

Many brands represent primers in their range. Some of them are versatile, and some should be used with a specific mascara of the same brand. Choose a primer with or without a brush, depending on the ease of application and storage. And remember about the take-care ingredients and vitamins in the composition.

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