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Face cleaning: types, indications, effectiveness

Cleaning of face skin is perhaps one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Every woman heard about it, and most of have tried. In recent years even men have been registered for this procedure. What types of face cleaning, who needs this procedure and is it worth for girls who do not have problems with skin? We will talk about in today’s article.

What is the face cleaning needed for?

The skin of every person, especially inhabitant of a megacity, is subject to mechanical contamination. The pores are clogged with cosmetics remains, dust, factory emissions, etc. To preserve the health and youth of dermis, the sebaceous glands produce a special fat-containing secret that should be evenly distributed on the surface and create a protective membrane. Incorrect care, glands in the sebaceous glands, endocrine diseases and just external influences often lead to bacteria, inflammation and infection of the skin. As a result, rashes appear. To fix this problem and just clear the pores of thickened sebum, plugs and accumulated dirt, it is necessary to periodically clean the face.
Skin cleansing in the salon is also indicated in front of various cosmetic procedures, as they are much more effectively perceived by clean skin.

Types of face cleansing

There are several methods of cleaning the skin of the face.

  1. Manual. This method remains the most popular. The pores expand by steaming and mechanical squeezing with the fingers and cosmetologist’s tool. As a result, their content is removed and many skin problems are solved. This method is the most aggressive, but also the most effective. It is suitable for oily skin with rashes and comedos and is contraindicated for sensitive skin.
  2. Hardware vacuum. In this case, cleaning is carried out by a special tube creating a negative pressure. Such a mini vacuum cleaner cleanses previously opened pores, sucking out their contents. Vacuum cleaning does not cause painful sensations and does not injure the skin. However, this method is not suitable for severely problematic skin, since it is not sufficient for deep purification of the pores.
  3. Ultrasound. The most gentle method of action on the skin by ultrashort waves. Before the procedure, a thin layer is applied on the skin with a tonic or special conductive gel, after which it is processed by ultrasound. Under its influence, the pores are opened, and mud from them comes out. This is the ideal method for sensitive skin, giving the first signs of wilting.

Regardless of the chosen method of cleansing, after the procedure, a mask is applied to the skin according to its type. Sometimes after the procedure, there is a slight tingling, which is normal and takes place on the second-third day.

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