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Facial tonic: what you need to know, Photo 757

26 July 2022


Facial tonic: what you need to know

This cosmetic product remains terra incognita for many girls in the modern world of beauty products. On the one hand, professional cosmetologists do not stop repeating that tonics must be included in your daily skincare. On the other hand, ordinary women do not quite understand why. Plus there are questions with the right choice and application of the product. To deal with this, first of all, it makes sense to find out what is a tonic as a cosmetic product.

Why do you need tonics

Classic skincare consists of three main stages – cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The tonic completes the process of cleansing the skin after makeup removal and washing – removes the remnants of makeup and other impurities. It restores the level of moisture that the skin loses while contact with cleansers and tap water. Also, the tonic refreshes the skin and prepares it for further care. For example, serum, emulsion or cream application to make it work more effectively.

Types of toning products

Despite the common name, skin toners are available in various forms, from which you can choose the most effective and convenient.

Tonic – a classic liquid remedy for skin toning. It is water-based, water-glycerin and alcohol-based. The last one is the least desirable due to its drying properties and is shown only on the recommendation of a cosmetologist. Water-glycerin often contains essential oils but is not suitable for everyone. Water base – a universal soft option. Some types of tonics are called lotions, but there is no clear difference between the formats.

Toner is a thick and even jelly-like product that was first developed by Asian cosmetic brands. It is more saturated in texture and can saturate even dehydrated skin with moisture.

Gel – a tonic in the form of a gel, which when applied turns into a liquid and gives the skin a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Mist – a soft tonic in the form of a spray, which is convenient to apply to irritated skin. You do not have to rub it with a cotton pad or fingers.

Thermal water contains a high amount of useful mineral salts. For the beauty industry, it is taken from natural thermal springs.

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How to use a tonic

After you wash with foam or gel, it’s time for a face tonic. There are several ways to apply it. Choose the most convenient.

Cotton pad

The method is probably the most common, as it is suitable for any skin type. A few drops of tonic should be applied on a clean cotton pad and begin to distribute on the face according to the massage lines from the centre to the periphery.

Fabric napkin

If time allows, you can give the skin maximum moisture from the tonic with a napkin. Take a clean disposable napkin, soak it in the product and place it on your face like a mask.

With your hands

Gather a little on the hand and with gentle movements distribute around the face and neck. Carefully distribute the remnants of the product, which did not have time to absorb, with your fingertips into the skin.

Spray it

If you want to feel a thick veil of tonic on the skin, pour it into a jar with a fine dispenser, which will distribute the product in small drops on the face. This method is especially good in summer when the skin wants refreshing during the day.