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Famous beauty Julia Roberts tells about 6 wellness tips

Recently, Julia Roberts celebrated her 54th birthday! The famous beauty still looks gorgeous. Therefore, we decided to study her rules for self-care and health. Below you will find tips that will be useful to girls of any age.

Apply sunscreen, always!

In one of the interviews, the actress shared that, in her opinion, the daily application of sunscreen is the key to preventing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.

Remove makeup before going to bed

No matter how busy you are and how little sleep time is left, Roberts says removing makeup before going to bed is a must.

Skin hydration

The actress strictly adheres to the rules of maintaining hydration. For example, she provides the skin with additional hydration during the flight. Her favourite product is Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum.

Hand care

Hands sometimes show signs of ageing faster than a face. Therefore, do not neglect moisturizers.

Eat healthy food for breakfast

For breakfast, Julia prefers egg and avocado on toast, while for lunch and dinner, she prefers low-fat fish, such as grilled salmon and chicken. Also, the actress admitted that she loves bread and cookies too much. And she does not deny herself a coffee.

Practice yoga

The actress says that yoga helped her become more conscious, and get rid of unnecessary things and thoughts. “Studying yoga at a more conscious level, I realized life. The point is not to accumulate things, to get rid of what burdens you mentally and emotionally. Ease came to my life when I stopped taking things too seriously. This is happiness”.

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