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French-style: how to get loose curls?

Slight carelessness, simplicity and elegance are the main features of the French style that are chosen not only by Parisians but also by world-class stars. The French women can harmoniously combine innocence and charm, and today we will learn from them.

Parisian curls

Follow these simple rules to make loose curls that look naturally:

  1. Always comb your hair and never start the process if the curls are tangled – it will ruin the waves and they will look bad.
  2. Use the styler on thin waves without pinching them between the tongs.
  3. When curling, divide the hair into 2 or 3 pieces and make “half loops on one side and a half on the other” to form natural locks. That is, turn the same curl around the styler to one side, then release and slightly lower it to the other side. Depending on the length of your hair, you will need to make 2-3 turns like this. The curl should be natural and fuzzy.
  4. Do not twist the hair completely on the styler and be sure to hold it vertically. In this way, you will form natural curls and avoid ugly kinks.
  5. Allow the curls to cool slightly, then comb with a little texturizing spray or hair spray and brush the waves with your hands.
  6. Besides, one of the main rules of the hairstyle with the “French” effect is to straighten the tips of your hair.

Fast styling without styler

It is possible to make such romantic loose curls even without curling iron and a lot of time. Just divide the hair into small curls. Roll each into a bun, apply a styling gel to it and wait for the hair to dry on its own. If you have heavy hair, dry each curl with a hairdryer, directing the air at different angles. But do not overdo it: leave your hair a little damp to let it dry on its own.

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