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From office to the ball: turning business make-up into the evening

The main principles of the makeup for office are restraint and not flashiness, but for festive events, parties and meetings, is brighter, more saturated makeup. Modern woman, because of the rapid rhythm of life, often does not even have time to drop in to take care of herself after hard working day. In this article we will tell you how to transform business makeup into the evening, if you have only half an hour left.

  1. Matting wipes will help to freshen the skin and get rid of the gloss. It is enough to get wet your face and then use facial powder. At the same time we remember that any concealer should be well absorbed and evenly applied on skin. It is important to not have mask effect on your face. Reddened eye whites from prolonged work at the computer will give weariness. We recommend using special eye drops (artificial tear) that will help minimize redness.


  1. Evening make-up allows you to focus on the eyes, especially if you do not like bright lipsticks. Makeup artists recommend using a dark palette of shadows. The most advantageous option is dark brown, golden or bronze. Long thick eyelashes will help to give a look depth and mystery. To do this, it is better to use mascara with a creamy texture, which if necessary can be applied repeatedly. You can draw expressive wings at once on the shadows, if they do not roll. In this case, it is better to apply lipstick with a calm color or use lip gloss. Such type of makeup will look sensual and gentle.


  1. The second type of evening makeup implies an emphasis on lips. It is important to gently wipe remains of gloss or lipstick used for business makeup at first. After it is necessary to humidify and slightly powder lips. Next, it is important to carefully and clearly draw a lip contour with a pencil and apply lipstick of saturated color. The favorite of evening makeup, of course, will always be a scarlet color, but last time trend is dark plum and burgundy matte shades.


  1. Blush will help to make evening makeup more bright, which in business makeup may be absent.

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